Somaliland: UK Envoy Optimistic on Resolving NEC Deadlock, Expedited Elections

UK Diplomats Stuart Brown, Amb Fender with Somaliland Opposition party chiefs Feisal and Irro in Hargeisa

Somalilandsun- Upon his recent visit to Hargeisa the United Kingdom envoy to Somaliland and Somalia Ambassador Ben Fender revealed optimism for the country.

The British envoy that met and held talks with president Muse Bihi, opposition parties of Wadani and UCID chiefs, elders’ mediation committee and Non State Actors wrote in his official twitter account

UK Diplomats with Somaliland President Bihi in Hargeisa

Quote- Seeing old friends in Hargeisa. Positive talks on elections (and much else!) with the President, opposition, Chief Justice, Mediation Cttee and civil society. Clear that there is very wide support for the Cottee’s proposals. Hope all sides can help turn them into reality. Unquote

The envoy who also visited the marginalized Gaboye Clan in Dami estate Hargeisa had this to say in the same twitter account

Quote- Listening to elders and young people from the Gaboye community in Dami, Hargeisa. A humbling reminder of the hardships faced by some minorities, their resilience and desire to contribute, and the need for truly inclusive development.-Unquote

UK Diplomats Stuart Brown, Amb Fender with Somaliland elections elders mediation team in Hargeisa

Ambassador Ben Fender was accompanied in all his functions in Hargeisa by his embassy’s senior representative in Somaliland Stuart Brown.

Despite the optimism by the UK diplomat on final resolution of the election dispute courtesy of a contested National elections commission composition just as other foreign diplomats especially from the wrest have done the situation remains bleak.

UK envoy to Somaliland and Somalia Ben Fender with Gaboye children in Hargeisa