Somaliland: UDUB party Calls for Mass Protests


HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – While other parties were presenting candidates list UDUB was busy on other issues.

Having withdrawn from contesting local council elections slated for 28 November, UDUB the main political opposition party has asked its supporters to hold nationwide protests against the decision by the Political Parties registration and Verification committee-PPR&VC that revoked the nomination of Ali Waran’ade and Ahmed Dahir as the party’s presidential and vice president respectively.

The PPR&VC decision announced on 4 September 2012, which informed about the redundant nomination of both Ali Mohamed Waran’ade and Ahmed Haji Dahir, and attributing the decision to UDUB having contravened Article 11 of its own constitution resulted in the party withdrawing from participation in the forthcoming local government elections.

The withdrawal of UDUB, which is not only the main opposition political party but also the oldest in the country, thought a jest until it failed to beat the 14 September deadline of submitting party lists of candidates to the national election commission-NEC.

While the seven parties of Kulmiye, UCID, Dalsan, UMADDA, Wadani, Rays and Haqsoor were presenting their lists, UDUB’s executive committee was in a meeting at its headquarters in Hargeisa thus the four point’s agreement.

The statement read:

1. UDUB shall not participate in the forthcoming local council elections slated for 28 November

2. Party supporters to hold nationwide protests against the decision the PPR&VC that has the backing of the government in order to negate the illegal decision

3. The party will appeal to the international community and other Somaliland security and democracy partners

4. The party shall cooperate to secure justice together with other political entities that have been illegally denied their rights.

The party that claims credit for successful democratization of the country having held four elections as well as having hand power peacefully after its defeat by Kulmiye during the 2010 presidential elections had accused the government of fronting the quest to deny the party participation in the elections.

On attributing its withdrawal due to inability to pursue election preparation activities due to the decision made PPR&VC which literally bred mistrust among supporters, party leader and former president Dahir Rayale submitted a letter to president Silanyo and NEC requesting two weeks extension to the 14 September deadline. NEC refused the request