Netanyahu– Liar, Fraud, Cheney Mini-Me– Trying to Influence US Presidential Election


netanyahu, a liar and fraudBy Rob Kall Bibi Netanyahu is a liar and fraud. He’s been working, burning the midnight oil, to do all he can to help the GOP to remove Barack Obama from the White House.

His aggressive, naked and veiled attacks on Obama and his Iran and Israel policies are clearly and obviously aimed at affecting the Jewish and Zionist vote in the 2012 election.

But that’s not why he’s a liar and fraud. Netanyahu is a Cheney Mini-Me– an evil little twin of Cheney– because he has been raising threats of attacking Iran and complaining about Obama’s unwillingness to get behind an Israeli strike or even to attack Iran for Israel.

He’s like Cheney because Cheney was a liar and fraud, claiming and ginning up false evidence that Iraq was behind the 911 attack, claiming that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Multiple security agencies had informed Cheney that he was wrong, that there were not threats. He kept the threat talk going as his reason for advocating attacking Iraq.

Netanyahu will not cause Israel to attack Iran. That would be profoundly suicidal. Obama will not attack Iran. The US military won’t let him. Why? Because Iran has a serious military, because it has Russian and Chinese allies, because it is screamingly obvious that an attack against Iran could easily lead to a third world war at worst, or at the least, massive casualties in the hundreds of thousands for Israel AND Iran.

There is absolutely no way that Netanyahu will attack Iran. None, nunca, af paam (Hebrew

I speculate that there a few reasons mini-me liar Netanyahu has been promoting the attack Iran lie. First, it builds fear in Israel. This was always a favorite strategy of Cheney. Fear gets votes. Fear gives more power to the military, which is controlled by the head of state.

Next, calling for war with Iran feeds into the tough guy image Netanyahu has been self promoting. Demanding Obama get on board a war that Netanyahu has no intention to initiate gives right wing, Republican American jews an excuse to attack Obama, something they’ve been doing aggressively, with the aim of cutting Obama’s and the Democrats’ strong support from Jews.

I’m not alone in calling Netanyahu a liar. Politico reported,

“Obama’s true feelings seemed to slip out during a hot-mic moment last November, in a post-news conference chat with then-French President Nicolas Sarkozy at a summit in Cannes.

Sarkozy said “I cannot bear” Netanyahu, adding that he was “a liar.”

Obama didn’t disagree. “You’re fed up, but I have to deal with him every day,” he responded.”

Herman Goebbels, the Nazi minister of propaganda said, ” “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” That’s what Netanyahu is doing. That’s what his right wing supporters in the US are doing.

This will eventually cause blowback. The people of the United States are waking up to these lies, waking up to the fraud, waking up to Netanyahu’s and Right wing Israeli political parties blatant efforts to influence our presidential elections. If it were any other country, the mainstream media would be raising a fury, challenging our continued funding of foreign aid in the billions of dollars. We see that happening with Egypt, for much more benign actions.

It’s actually good to see Obama standing up to Netanyahu. I don’t think Netanyahu is as smart as he thinks he is. It looks to me like Obama, who I’m not great fan of, is playing chess, while Netanyahu is playing checkers, or maybe poker, with an obvious “tell.” Finally, the idea of Netanyahu attempting to influence US election is on the table. The Jerusalem post reports:

“In an unusual public display of criticism from an influential member of the US Senate, California Democrat Barbara Boxer wrote a letter to Netanyahu Wednesday to express “my deep disappointment over your remarks that call into question our country’s support for Israel.” She went on to describe them as “utterly contrary to the extraordinary United States- Israel alliance.”

Daily Beast, in an article titled, Is Israel’s Netanyahu trying to get Romney elected? , says,

“Netanyahu’s jabs at Obama, which may be intended to move the needle in a tight presidential election, haven’t gone unnoticed, either here or in Israel. “Which regime is more important to overthrow — the one in Washington, or in Tehran?” Israeli opposition leader Shaul Mofaz pointedly asked Netanyahu on Wednesday, warning that “meddling in internal U.S. affairs” is dangerous. Is Netanyahu trying to throw the U.S. election to his longtime friend Mitt Romney — who Netanyahu worked with in Boston in the 1970s?”

Joe Klein, in an op-ed in Time Magazine, and also in comments on the Morning Joe show scathingly criticized Netanyahu, saying.

“But think about it: What if David Cameron was pushing us to go to war with Argentina over the Falklands? What if India was interfering with the American presidential campaign in order to promote an attack on Pakistan? When was the last time a foreign leader tried to influence an American political campaign? Oh, I remember–Osama bin Laden, in 2004. He was our mortal enemy, of course, not a beloved ally like Israel. It goes without saying that there’s zero moral equivalence between Israel and the terrorists.

But Netanyahu is doing two things that should be intolerable for any patriotic American: he is a foreigner trying to influence our presidential campaign and he is a foreigner trying to shove us into a war of choice in a region where far too many Americans have already died needlessly. The Romney campaign–as well as AIPAC, the AJC and every other American Jewish organization–should make it clear to Netanyahu that his interventions into our political process and policy-making are not welcome here.”

That’s not likely. The organizations backing Netanyahu are part of an international anti-Obama team. It’s said that there are so many Americans who would use foreign powers to influence US elections.

Netanyahu denies that he is attempting to influence the US election. He told Israeli publication Hayom, in an article published yesterday,

“This is nonsense because the issue that is guiding me is not the U.S. elections, but the centrifuges in Iran, and what can I do if the centrifuges in Iran are inconsiderate of the U.S. political timetable? If the Iranians were to hit the ‘pause’ button and halt their uranium enrichment and bomb preparation until after the elections, I would be able to wait.”

I don’t believe him. The optics he has created scream otherwise.

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