Somaliland: UCID Concurs on the Needless Participation in the May London Somalia conference


UCID Norway branch party officials welcome their boss Eng Feisal A Warabe LBy: Yusuf M Hasan

OSLO (Somalilandsun) – The leader of the opposition party of UCID Eng. Feisal Ali Warabe is soliciting and garnering support for the non-participation of Somaliland in the Somalia conference planned for London in May.

According to a press statement released by UCID Norway branch the party boss who is in that country has already met with various Norwegian government officials as well as Somalilanders resident in the country and party officials and members.

Upon arrival in Norway on the 10th March Eng. Feisal A Warabe held consultations with the party’s special advisor on Somalia Mr. Jens Mjaugedal and senior party executives where the party boss gave a detailed briefing on prevalent political situation as pertains Somaliland-Somalia.

Other issues visited upon included the ongoing sidelining by the international community as it the IC continues to dilly-dally with the Mogadishu government of president Hasan Sheikh.

The UCID meeting in Oslo which reaffirmed the irrevocable sovereignty also strategized on relevant and concerted measures and steps that need to be taken thus continue the country’s quest for international recognition despite the very overt tactics by some foreign governments to the contrary.

Det konglige Utenriksdepartement

On the 12th March officials of UCID-Norway led by Eng. Warabe met and held discussions with the Norwegian ministry of foreign affairs officer in charge of Somalia affairs Mr. Kjell Harald Dalen and a Senior advisor to the minister of Regional affairs and development Rina Kristmoen officials at the foreign affairs conference hall in Oslo

While several issues were discussed those of most import included the 7th May Somalia conference in London especially as pertains to the inclusion of other co-chairs thus deter the domination by the UK and Norway.

As a means of encouraging countries sympathetic to the independence of Somaliland, lt was seen as necessary that the republic of South Africa and Qatar be accorded prominent positions in issues related to the international community’s plans and machinations for Somaliland.

While briefing the meeting the UCID special advisor on Somalia Mr. Jens Mjaugedal said that Somaliland shall be forced to take other routes that are distant from those recently displayed overtly by some foreign governments that are pushing for “CONFEDERATION” of the two former united countries.

Said he, “Somaliland shall not participate in the Somalia conference in view of the constrains that are currently engulfing her sovereignty standing considering the powerful pressure by powerful governments for a confederation with Somalia”

He opinioned that these foreign and powerful governments trying to force a semblance of the post 1991 union between the two neighbouring states shall backfire with fatal consequences considering the 21 years stance taken by Somalilanders as pertains to the irrevocability of their self-rule.

According to Eng. Feisal Ali Warabe Somaliland shall not participate in the London conference in May because it is a Somalia regions meeting whose participants shall be poled from the Somalia regional administrations of Mogadishu, Jubaland, Puntland, Galmudug and others.

“We shall only meet with a united administration that represents the entire country whose boundaries are those of the former Italian Somalia protectorate” said Eng. Warabe

Wondering on the mentality behind the conference organizers the UCID party boss said that it was difficult to comprehend the objectives behind inviting Somaliland to a conference co-chaired by UK’s David Cameroon and president Hasan of Somalia, said he, “Whom shall we hold discussions with Mogadishu, Jubaland or Puntland etc.?”

Eng. Feisal further informed that his party is convening a consultative meeting that shall bring together traditional/political leaders, intellectuals, Government, Legislators and other prominent citizens for discussions on a number of issues before May this year

Issues to be discussed during the proposed UCID broad based consultative meeting include:

• Talks with Somalia and the country’s non participation in the London conference in May

• The way forward after never ending problems emanating from the disputed local council elections held on the 28th November 2012 as well as other pertinent national issues.

At a later meeting with held separately with residents from the western regions of Awdal and Salel where political differences have in some instances driven matters out of hand between the two resident clans of the areas.

It is not yet known when the UCID party boss, Eng. Feisal Ali Warabe shall return home or his next destination after Norway but pointers indicate Finland where he is a citizen.