Somaliland: Boycotting Somalia Conference is a Political Disaster and Diplomatic Blunder” Wadani


The dismay showed by Wadani functionaries upon announcement that the country is boycotting the London Somalia conference is clear proof that the long held belief that the Wadani Party is the Hyena Masquerading as a Sheep in Hargeisa is true.

By: Yumoha Pasha

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Wadani political party has termed the announced intent to boycott the London conference on Somalia in May as a political disaster.

This was stated by the spokesperson of the Wadani party Mr. Ibrahim Mahdi Bubaa at a press conference in Hargeisa where the intent by president Silanyo to boycott the Somalia conference in London as not only a political disaster but a gigantic political blunder by the country.

The speaker of parliament Abdirahman Irro led Wadani party contest that president Silanyo took an arbitrary decision while announcing the boycott of the conference on his return from an official visit to Turkey.

“The meeting is focused on Somalia and SL has nothing to do with it”, he said as he convictional gave the statement upon lending back home on Friday from a landmark unprecedented official visit to Turkey, hence that the country will not be represented in it, thus forthwith put a stop to malicious insinuations and debate in public media to the effect that SL would attend the meeting to her detriment.

According to member of parliament and party spokesperson Mr. Bubaa the head of state’s failure emanated after he overrode an earlier decision to convene a broad based consultative meeting to debate the merits and demerits of participation in the UK hosted Somalia conference.

Said he, “If the president’s words and promises are worth any salt the promised consultative assembly never took place thus the intent to boycott is personal rather than of nationwide consensus”

MP Bubaa who wondered why the president would in one breath state that traditional leaders have been invited and on the other air intake declare a withdrawal from the conference.

True to the usual confusion that continues to engulf Wadani party as a result of the lackluster leadership of boss Abdirahman Irro the country’s third political party seems to be taking on a different path different from the rest of the nation.

Considering that the entire nation is basking in praise of president Silanyo for having made the long sought after decision to call off negotiations with Somalia we are forced to surmise that the long held belief that the Wadani Party is the Hyena Masquerading as a Sheep in Hargeisa is true.

In view of the vehement rejection of the Somalia conference boycott and subsequent statements to that effect it might be, if given space to surmise once again, and with prudence that a number of prominent leaders and their cahoots have finally shed their sheep skins-Sovereignty and adorned their skin of choice, that of the Hyena-Unionism

On the other hand UCID’s deputy-chair Ali Mohamed Yusuf “Ali Gurey” has poured scorn on the London conference in May 2013 which he stated has nothing to offer Somaliland, than another attempt to revive the defunct “Somali Republic” reports Qarannews.

The Somaliland based English and Somali language website further informs that- Quote “Ali Gurey stated that his party will not favour attending the meeting and there is no reason to have a national debate about attending this meeting because it is just another attempt to give legitimacy to the provisional government in Mogadishu and to try and revived the old “Greater Somalia” myth. Unquote