Somaliland: UCID Chairman Urges Government not to Hasten Military Use in Awdal Conflict


Eng Feisal and his UCID party urge government restrain in Awdal Conflict

By: Mahmoud Qodah
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Chairman of opposition party UCID Mr. Feisal Ali Warabe spoke about the current conflict in Awdal region, and his visit to the neighbouring countries Ethiopia and Djibouti where he discussed them with the Somaliland’s cause and the country’s political relations with them.
UCID Chairman has returned a 10 days visit from the neighboring countries Ethiopia and Djibouti on Thursday and has been highly welcomed by the party’s upcoming presidential candidates Mr. Jamal Ali Husein and Abdirashid Hassan Matan and other Party officials at Egal International Airport.
Chairman expressing his visit to the neighboring countries has stated, “I have paid a 10 days visit to the neighboring countries Ethiopia and Djibouti. As these 2 countries are members of the regional organization IGAD and the African Union (AU), I have considered that they are the main countries as such we need to start talking and discussing our cause with them. We need to have local initiatives who dynamically and effectively take part our efforts regarding getting international recognition from the international communities.”
“My visit to these countries is only for the good interest of my country, Somaliland. We have agreed that the stability and the peace in Somaliland likewise good for everyone in the Horn of Africa. We have raised that Somaliland has a separate and recognized boundaries which can be acceptable under the eyes of public international law.”
Feisal Ali Warabe has added that Somaliland is ready to talk and negotiate to anyone who has a complaint against it and as well as ready to welcome openly. He also added that Somaliland and its people are happy to see peaceful and stable Somalia, and that the instability in Somalia is a big concern for Somaliland, as we are willing to get understanding and consideration from them on why we need to be separate state.
Speaking about the current conflict in Awdal region, the chairman noted, “We don’t need to be afraid of any prospect of instability and threat from Awdal region and its people, as they are the main pillars of our current stability and existence. They have mainly partaken in the construction of this country. Awdal is where Somaliland government has been established in the early of 90’s. Negotiation and dialogue is our traditional process of resolving anything that emerges. I hope that Awdal traditional and cultural leaders will take their role in taking things back on track.”
The Chairman called up on the government not to take rapid military response on the incident and to take alternative measures, and he added that a single person (sultan) who calls for war won’t even damage Somaliland’s reputation and existence as well as its long time existing peace and stability.
By: Mahmoud Qodah