Somaliland: Agbara Established Clan Development Committee Dissolved for Dabbling in Politics


Some of the Saad Muse Clan Sultans who announced dissolution of the development Comitte

By: Omar. A. Omar
HARGEISA (Somaliland Sun). The council of elders of North and West of Hargeisa acknowledged that the committee for the development of Sa’ad Muse clan which was elected from the meeting of Agbaar was exterminated.
This was after the elders held their meeting at Safari Hotel, Hargeisa among them were; Suldan Hassan Suldan Nuur Askar, Suldaan Ahmed Muuse, Suldaan Ibrahim Suldan Sulub Nuur and Suldaan Hussein Ismail Geelle.
The council exposes that the committee for the development of Saacad Muuse cannot interfere political interest of anyone and cannot discrete its issues regarding the social political development for the clan.
Suldaan Hassan Suldaan Nuur who was the first person to speak at the meeting said ”the declaration of contestation cannot be amounted only to the three people mentioned earlier and that anyone can be at any sides of the party not regarding someone is from a convinced clan or a definite party is domain by one clan”.

Suldaan Hassan Suldaan Nuur also stated that if the committee has a right to name ‘a successful candidates’ it will do so at a right interval for Sa’ad Museand this misconstrued statement will convey plunge apart the two segments between the general committee of the North and West of Hargeisa city commonly known as HOODAALE and the board for the development of Sacaad Muuse.
” Both committee should strongly restore ties on how to tackle political issues not apropos what was asserted by others” said Suldaan Hassan.
Suldaan Ahmed Nuur who also converses at the meeting emphasized the progress Interco operation between Beesha Sacaad Muuse and the HOODAALE meetings is not allied to political disputes and is not allowed to partake in political matters unless restrained to do so.
Suldaan Ibrahim Suldaan Sulub also revealed that nobody has referred the committee of Sacaad Muuse to impede with partisan trepidations but the board was shaped to intensely apprehensive on the development of the clan of Sacaad Muuse.
”We meet to revamp the particulars of our community but not on the subject of the party-political” said Suldaan Ibrahim.
Finally, the council firm upon that the clan matters and partisan are not integral gears that can be self-possessed and that every team has identifiable effort to do when it derives to plans and sentiments generated within the public will ultimately form tribal in political roles.
Watch the Elders making announcement