Somaliland: UCID Aghast with Muzzling of Free Information Flow


As it issues a press statement Raising Concerns on the maltreatment of journalist Said Mazim Ahmed

Somalilandsun – The party of justice and development (UCID) is pleased to announce to Somaliland citizens about its victory in the international arena by attending the international socialist parties conference in Turkey.

In that respect (UCID) became the first party in Somaliland to take part in such a meeting of which it was the only political party invited from the country and thus Somaliland representation internationally. UCID is herein raising its complaint to Somaliland National Television (SLNTV) for keeping the country citizens in the dark by not airing the tapes of (UCID) participation delivered to them by the journalist who recorded the event in Turkey Mr. Said Mazim Ahmed hence denying the party of justice and development (UCID) its prestige and success where others failed.

It is regrettable what they did to the reporter who covered the event. They reprimanded him for recording an opposition victory; needless to say that this was not an opposition success but Somaliland victory at the international stage. We condemn in the strongest words possible the cowardly act the ministry of information officials who abused integrity and harassed an innocent journalist just doing his job.

This is not the first time the government has tried to hide the reality on the ground from members of the public. Somaliland National Television (SLNTV) and radio Hargeisa senior officials in their quest to please their pay masters have hidden the truth from the public.

Early this year party of justice and development UCID presidential aspirant Mr. Jamaal Ali Hussein was invited to the U.S.A. by representatives and senators in Minnesota whereby he met with 169 congressmen. Mr. Jamal addressed the congress men in a speech which he talked about Somaliland’s independence; his speech attracted the international community to Somaliland.

This shows that the ministry of information can not differentiate an issue of national importance to a petty one hence by thus denying the nation’s members of public their right to be informed of what is going on. They swept the (UCID) presidential candidate’s tape under the carpet.

SLNTV receives more funds from the government budget than four ministries and its senior official do not follow ethical standards that have been drafted for public officials. They cheat members of the public who pay taxes. It is a well known secret that the ministry of information puts under the carpet any tapes covering the two opposition parties UCID and Wadani.