Somaliland: First Lady Initiates Tog-wajale Orphanage


By: Amal Abdala

Somalilandsun – First Lady Amina Weris laid foundation stone for the construction of a new orphanage in Tog-wajaale town .

Lady Amina was accompanied by senior government officials amongst them were the minister of education Lady Zamzam Abdi Adan, Director General in charge of humanitarian affairs in the office of the president Amina Derie and governor of Gebilay region Mr. Yusuf Ibrahim Gedi.

The first lady donated 1000 dollar to the construction funds and pledged to see through the completion of the project. A Member of Parliament Hon. Abdillahi Hussein (Blacky) donated 500 dollars towards the orphanage project. Lady Amina-weris was visiting the region to inspect development projects initiated by the government in that area.

Meanwhile at Gebiley town hall conference room the she donated tailoring machines to the national organization of women (NOW) she was escorted by the governor of Gabiley region.

Speaking at the venue Lady Amina Weris promised to work hard to empower women who are the backbone of every society. Hon. Zamzam’ Abdi Adan promised to help the orphanage by making sure they have the right education. She called for Somaliland nationals to join hands to help the disadvantaged in the society. The first lady has been in the fore front to help orphans all over the country by donating and visiting the orphans whenever she gets the opportunity. She is also a steadfast lobbyist for their social welfare.