Somaliland: UAE Enhances Multi-sectored Cooperation


Dr Omar in a Handshake of Cooperation with Dr Gargash of UAEThe Emiratis are considering our request for direct bi-lateral Economic and Political cooperation” Dr Omar

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Anticipations are high that The United Arab Emirates-UAE Government will start direct support to the central authorities in Hargeisa soon.

A Government delegation on an official visit to the UAE has requested the UAE authorities to enhance cooperation by initiating funding to Somaliland as similarly accorded other independent countries supported by the oil rich Gulf state.

The Somaliland delegation currently in Dubai and led by the foreign minister Dr Mohamed Abdilahi Omar includes minister of the presidency Hon Hirsi Haji Ali and the Managing director of Berbera port Eng. Ali Omar Mohamed.

Energy Minister Eng Husein Abdi Duale who had joined the delegation briefly following conclusion of the 4th Gulf Intelligence UAE Energy Forum in Abu Dhabi where he delivered a key note speech has returned to the country.

In the course of the diplomatic visit meant to deepen Somaliland’s long-standing economic and security partnership with the United Arab Emirates and subsequent meetings with Dubai based authorities a number of agreements have already been concurred upon.

A parley with the state minister for Foreign Affairs Dr Anwar Mohamed Gargash and Deputy foreign minister Hon Faris Al Mazrouei the two sides deliberated on opportunities for Emirati investment in Somaliland, development cooperation and the talks between Somalia and Somaliland.

The Emirati’s who concurred to requests for facilitating assistance to Somaliland government to government as done to other countries receiving similar aid also acquiesced to smooth the progress of talks between the Hargeisa and Mogadishu based governments.

In the past The UAE and Somaliland have devFrom left to right Eng Huseein Hon Hirsi Dr Abdilahi and Dr Gargasheloped close cooperation in the areas of trade, investment, the fight against piracy and regional affairs. In June 2012, the UAE government showed its commitment to peace and stability in the Horn of Africa by bringing together the presidents of Somaliland and Somalia to ratify a framework for bilateral dialogue meant to clarify future relations between the two countries.

The Somaliland foreign minister who informed that subsequent talks with a number of Emirati investors have ensued with consensus for further exploration of opportunities in various sectors in Somaliland also revealed that arrangements with the Dubai Ports World-DPW for development of Berbera port are almost complete.

If the Berbera port development deal which has been on the table for some months finally comes to harvest, The DPW will assume operational management of the Berbera port in return for infrastructural and Human resource development and 35% of profits.