Somaliland: Turkey Meeting Set Issues Straight


Somalias Interior minister A Gulleid and Somalialnds foreign minister Dr M A Omar sign the Ankara AccordsEditorial

Somalilandsun – Letting be all rumours peddled within and without, it is noteworthy to shade a logical light on the Turkish SL/Somalia talks to put things straight.

It is quite well known that the last time the Somalia question was delved into abroad, and by extension vis-à-vis the Somaliland factor, both the London Chevening and Dubai communiqués were dealt with and addressed by the TFG while in her twilight.

With the exit of the TFG (and after a two decade hiatus), a centralized federal oriented government enters the scene.

It is therefore natural for the incumbent Somalia President to reiterate the objectives of the subjects set at the stage hence formally acknowledge the status quo of the scenes of the episodes that are both abound and expected to unfold.

Again, it is against this background that both sides had/have to meet and face and live up to the expectation; however sensitive, fragile or grey matters they may be.

A plus for the SL as per the Turkey meeting is that that which off-sets the wishes of anti-Somalilanders who wanted to see SL at the May 7th London round-table.

While both the world and this country acknowledge the “more legit” Hassan regime, the fact is that the impending future talks would have to continue whatever the case.

This Turkey party puts to rest the upcoming London one thus validating our difference as an entity very distinct from the southerners.

It also underscores the importance of the British non-invitation of Somaliland. In other words what has been clarified is the UK acknowledgment of the real issue at stake hence respected our stand by not inviting us to an exclusive Somalia affair.

Every mind, small ones notwithstanding, ought to know that the London one would undermine our status if we do attend.

We are happy that, as for starters, Hassan swiftly conceded the two state (at par) setting, a bone of contention that shouldn’t have been in the first place. These are contained in the earlier meetings signed by Sh. Sharif, hereafter (now) reiterated by the incumbent president.

The writer M.A.Egge is the editor of The horn Tribune a weekly English newspaper published in Hargeisa by the state owned Dawan Media Group-DMG