Somaliland and Somalia Sign Seven Point “Ankara Accords” during Tripartite Meeting in Turkey


From left President Hasan, PM Erdogan, President Silanyo, Turkish FM Davutoglu and Dr Omar after the meeting

The two countries concur to enhance security cooperation while deterring negative and hate filled speeches from both sides and meet again after 90 days in Istanbul to consolidate gains of the dialogue.

By: Yusuf M Hasan

ANKARA (Somalilandsun) – The presidents of Somaliland and Somalia have entered into a broad based cooperation agreement during a meeting hosted by the government of Turkey in Ankara.

The agreement which recognizes the imperative need to maintain dialogue and broad cooperation in security issues also facilitates the disbursement to Somaliland of international funds given to Somalia that the Hargeisa government has not received in two decades.

Somalias Interior minister A Gulleid and Somalialnds foreign minister Dr M A Omar sign the Ankara AccordsThe seven points agreement was signed by the Somaliland foreign minister Dr Mohamed Abdilahi Omar and the Somalia Interior minister Abdikarim at the at the Ankara Palas (Presidency) and witnessed by President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo, President Hasan Sheikh Mahmud and Abdulla Gül of Somaliland, Somalia and Turkey respectively.

The seven points Ankara Accords are:

1. Dialogue between the two sides-Somaliland and Somalia, to continue without let or hindrance

2. The Chevening agreement and Dubai declaration signed during phases I and II meetings in London and Dubai be safeguarded and adhered to.

3. The two sides to solicit technical support from the international community for talks continuation between the Somalia federal Government and the Somaliland Government

4. The two countries to share international funding availed to Somalia while encouraging the development of Somaliland as well.

5. The two governments to cooperate in equally measures as pertains to Cross-border Security, Trainings, War on Terror, Sharing of Intelligence, Anti-piracy activities, Anti-illegal fishing activates, Surveillance and protection against disposal of poisonous chemicals in shared waters, sea based crimes and other major criminal activities.Presidents Hasan and Silanyo at the Ankara presidency

6. Follow up meeting to be held within 90 days in Istanbul, Turkey in order to sustain talks momentum and resolve deadlocked issues of the Ankara meeting

7. Both sides to deter from hate filled speeches that might negatively impinge on the Ankara accords.

While the meeting at the Turkish presidency which was the first between Presidents Silanyo and Hasan ensued with the seven points Ankara Accords reports indicate that presidency meeting the two sides were deadlocked on a number of issues among them Somaliland’s sovereignty and Somalia’s insistence on reunification thus the planned meeting within 90 days.


The meeting in Turkey is a resumption of the internationally sanctioned talks between the two former united countries geared towards mitigating differences that emanate after the British Somaliland unilaterally declaration of its independence as a de facto sovereign state in 1991 thus breaking away from its then voluntarily but later fateful union with Italian Somalia entered in 1960.


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