Somaliland: Turkey Considerate of Improved Emergency Health Provisions


The Turkish donated Ambulances

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Government of Turkey has donated motor vehicles including ambulances & other emergency response autos to the Government of Somaliland in a move meant to strengthen the mutual relationship between the two countries.

Officiating the handing over event was Presidency cabinet Minister Hirsi Ali Hassan who received the eight different vehicles at the presidency on Wednesday in Hargeisa. The vehicle donated were 5 Ambulances, 2 V8 Model cars in addition to a mini-bus.

Hirsi was accompanied by State Minister in-charge of Presidency Mohamed Musa Abees & his counterpart at Education docket Ms. Zamzam Abdi Adan. Present also at the function were Director General (DG) at the presidency Hassan Abdi Madar, Personal Assistant to the head of state Ali Ahmed Ali & personnel in-charge of presidency’s logistics Abshir Hassan Hashi as well as Government officials from Turkey.

Somaliland Education minister Zamzam Aden flanked by presidency colleague Hirsi Haji Ali  receives donated vehicles keys from Turkish officials

Hirsi applauded the donation and termed the generous gesture as one that would foster the diplomatic link between the two states while at the same time being optimistic that Ankara shall extend more of these initiatives in future.

An official speaking on behalf of Turkey voiced Ankara’s willingness in co-operating with Hargeisa revealing that this is neither the first nor the last gift but a continuation of developing mutual working rapport involving Turkey & Somaliland.