Somaliland: Troops Reinforce Border with Ethiopia after Liyuu Police Incursion


Liyuu police

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun- Further incursion by foreign para military forces into Somaliland territory is to be countered by might if need be.
This follows the deployment of a large number of army units in various areas of Durugsi district in Toghdeer region following the Friday incursion by Units of Liyuu Police a paramilitary force from the Zone five Somali Administrative region of Ethiopia.
Reports indicate that the latest incursion saw a platoon sized unit of heavily armed troops enter the Durugsi Disrrict village of Bisiga that borders Ethiopia and Somaliland where the invaders threatened residents with death.
Bisiga being a village center that serves nomads from nearby pastoral areas frightened people are said to have run to Harada-Gubtahil in search of safety from the invading Liyuu police troops.
Prior to the current incursion, the Somali administrative region authorities in Jigjiga dispatched units of its notorious paramilitary into Durugsi district a short while after massacring over 20 Ethiopian citizens of Somaliland lineage at Though the invaders are reported to have returned to their territory Ramaasnews reveals that Somaliland authorities have sent army units to reinforce those currently at the breached border areas which are just 40 Kms away from Togdheer regional capital of Burao, and the second largest town in Somaliland.
Gashamo massacred The security forces reinforcing border patrol and led by the Togdheer regional governor Mohamed Diriye Hayd shall also be engaged in humanitarian activities for the approximately 2000 families that escaped from Gashamo district in the Zone Five in fear of their lives following the Liyuu police massacre of civilians at Jama Dubad.
While relations between the Somaliland and Ethiopian Federal government authorities has been very cordial for over two decades, Zone five administrators are bent on another direction.
The two countries which enjoy relations revolving around trade, security and cross-border movement among many that include the use of Berbera port by Ethiopia are pursuing investigationsto unravel the Gashamo massacre as per an arrangement reached during meetings with a high level government delegation from Addis Ababa.
It is therefore ironic that incursions by Liyuu police continue while Federal Authorities in Addis Ababa desirous of maintaining relations with Somaliland remain seemingly unable or unwilling to rein their surrogates in Jigjiga the zone five administrative regional capital