Somaliland: Tribalism Deters Development and is Root Cause of Conflict


“Join Me in the Eradication of Tribalism in Somaliland”

By: Mo Ali

Somalilandsun – Let us eradicate tribalism from our country as this is the only way to avoid conflict and attain sustainable peace and progress for the people of Somaliland and Somalia .

Burao is divided because of the lies by politicians who only care about their political career.

Hargeisa is struggling with the accusations of corruption of certain government officials. I hear that nepotism is rampant in Somaliland and even worse than during the era of the Socialist dictatorship. Land grab and land dispute have caused the most deaths among the people of Somaliland according to local census.

Hundreds of young Somalilanders have recently died between Yemen and Somaliland as well as between Libya , Malta and Italy . Why? Because of frustration with what is happening in Somaliland and the lack of jobs. Much has been spent on travel and propaganda by the government without looking inward and solving the local issues. We need to stop our youth running away from our country and dying in the high seas. We need a government that is serious about Somaliland’s development and not about nepotism, favouritism and personal gains.

How long can we tolerate tribalism? If the current government is fuelling tribalism and conflict among us then we should not extend its mandate beyond its term. We should not also elect any of the current leaders in the future.

The people of Somaliland should not let the greed of its politicians destroy the future of its people.

Politicians are naturally liars. Let us come together and be vigilant. Following is an Arab proverb that has destroyed the Middle East when applied.

“Me and my brother against my cousins, me and my cousins against the village, me and my village against the tribe, me and my tribe against the rest of the world.”

TheMo Ali Somalis where ever they are including those of Somaliland have adopted this style of aggression. This is a disease that Somalis have not been able to cure among themselves ; a disease that is destroying the future of this great people that inhabit in the Horn of Africa … tribalism is disease that is spreading among us and we should halt it .This call is for the youth of Somaliland whose future is at stake here.

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