Somaliland: Traffic Issues Facing the Country ,


Traffic Congestion is the Norm in most Somaliland towns where donkey is king/ic by slsun

Somalilandsun – Somaliland is facing traffic issues and that many people in our beloved country don’t know the rules of the road or the cause of accidents, and that unmaintained roads are a factor but not the main issue and there more important factors to the cause of a automobile accident, and I am an expert on traffic rules and road safety and I will give my expertise on this matter.
Accidents leads to negligence of the driver and in the case in Somaliland not only negligence of the driver that causes the accident, but the lack of driving or the knowledge of the rules of the road or not following the rules and don’t have any clue about the rules of the road. Speeding is a major factor that leads to road fatalities in Somaliland, distracting driving like using a mobile phone will driving, texting while driving , adjusting the radio, cd player, cassette player, MP3 player, reading a newspaper and looking at a scenery. Hargeisa and all over Somaliland one of the leads of accidents are aggressive driving road rage which results from tailgating, meaning following to closely, cutting of the driver, not signaling and not letting the driver pass you, and passing the turning driver with the signal on the wrong side of the road risking your self pedesterians and the turning driver, and reckless driving which happens in Hargeisa that one car is speeding and passes the other cars and turns into his or her destination and that is not proper driving and there are many bad driving habits in Hargeisa.
What I mean that cutting off the driver is that one driver passes one car and dashes infront of the car without space clearance and that is a risk of a collision.
In Hargeisa you have cars that come into your side of the road and in some cases the go back in to their lane when they see oncoming traffic and in most cases that some drivers who are passing still drives towards oncoming traffic and that is a riskto the driver in the oncoming traffic lane and the driver passing and to pedisterians and to live stock who are strolling.
Another issue which is facing Hargeisa is city buses on the streets and standing in the middle of traffic and it is dangerous to the passenger and drivers of behind the bus and infront of the bus.
Aggressive driving in Hargeisa is very common and that are many incompetent drivers there who think that they are professional and perfect drivers and that they are better then everybody and that shows arrogance and ignorance behind the wheel.
Aggressive driving in Hargeisa and Somaliland is a primary concern which leads to confrontation between the drivers, that results in fist fights, insults, swearing, hand gestures.

Following to closely is a huge problem in Hargeisa and especially at rush hour time and that following closely can lead to an accident and it always important to give space to other vehicle for safety reasons and that following closely, can result 3 steps:
1. A car from behind can rear end you and that you will land into the car in front of you.
2. A car from in front of you can reverse and hit your vehicle.
3. A car might run of gas or might have a battery failure or might stall and that I would be difficult for you to move.

Seatbelt is a primary concern in Somaliland and that majority of the driver there don’t wear it is troubling to see it and that seatbelt save lives and that seat belts have to also be worn in city driving as well not only on highway driving.

Reasons of accidents is not giving a enough time and that would result in speeding to give you time and that speeding will not help you and it will result in fatalities and always give time and try to drive at a far speed limit.

Vehicle maintenance is very important and that not checking your vehicle will lead to a collision, and that always check your vehicle by taking your car to a mechanic and having your car inspected and to check if your car is safe and it should also be done before road trips as well and when you bring vehicle to get a check up by the mechanic.

Overpassing the limited passengers required and for example that you have an 7 or 8 passenger minivan and that the driver or owner crams the vehicle with 12 or 15 passengers and that is very dangerous and especially on road trips.

No road signs or traffic lights or no education on traffic safety is a major concern as well, and no driver’s hand book to know the information of driving properly and following the rules of the road, and that the driving license system should be difficult and that there should be 2 systems for a getting a drivers license, 1 pass the written test before that a vision test is required and that 2 pass the road test in order to be a safe and good driver.

Weather also plays a factor on road accidents and that always drive at a steady speed and drive with your wipers on and your lights on.

Roads filled with pot holes also plays a factor of road accidents as well and that many driver don’t stop for them or some of them suddenly stop with sudden braking which is dangerous and fixing the roads is a good step by our government bless them but that does not reduce accidents.

By: Koshin Koshin