Somaliland: Successful Orthopedic Surgery at Berbera Regional Hospital


X-Ray of Ankle Injury (Talus) rectified by Ahmed Suleiman at Berbera Regional Hospital in Somaliland

Somalilandsun – Ahmed Suleiman Mohamoud practices orthopedic surgery at Berbera Regional Hospital. He recently operated on a patient who fell, fracturing the neck of the talus (part of the ankle). When the patient fell, the tibia (large bone of the shin) crushed the talus by direct force.
An X-Ray machine, which uses film, was recently donated by NGO Daryeel of the Netherlands. (The former X-Ray was broken)
To fix this injury, Mr. Suleiman completed an orthopedic surgery at Berbera Regional Hospital. He completed an osteosentesis with a concellous bone screw, fixing the fragmented talus in position.
The patient has since been discharged and is in good condition, but Mr. Suleiman reports that it will take time for him to start walking again without support.

Mr. Suleiman practices at Berbera Regional Hospital and currently pursing a degree in public health at Alpha University
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