NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the above trade mark (CHONG RAN HT(Relite) is the property of Yunnan Tobacco International Co., Ltd, a Chinese company of NO. 345, PANJING STREET, PANLONG DISTRICT, KUNMING CITY, YUNNAN PROVINCE, CHINA and that the same trade mark is used for the following products:

Cigar; lighters for smokers; matches; cut tobacco; tobacco; electronic cigarettes; liquid solutions for use in electronic cigarettes; flavorings, other than essential oils, for tobacco; cigarettes; cigarette mouth; cigarette filter. – class 34;

NOTICE IS ALSO GIVEN that Yunnan Tobacco International Co., Ltd claims all rights in respect of the aforesaid trade mark in Somaliland and will initiate appropriate legal action against any person or persons found to be using the aforesaid trade mark or any other trade mark deceptively or confusingly similar, or otherwise infringes on its rights.

The Chinese characters in the trade mark may be transliterated as CHONG RAN and translated into English as duplicate; burn. The Chinese characters “CHONG RAN” as a created combination convey no special meaning.