Somaliland Government Pronounces Policies on the Red Sea

Somaliland ministry of foreign affairs

Somalilandsun =The Republic of Somaliland hereby reiterates its previous position to disregard and not cooperate with the policies, programs and activities of the Arab/ African member states bordering the Red Sea, so long it’s excluded and denied its rightful position among the important stakeholders.

This is according to a press statement issued by the ministry of foreign affairs in Hargeisa, Below verbatim

Somaliland is a sovereign country and will not delegate its territorial waters to any other country.

Somaliland recognizes the strategic importance of the Red Sea for the peace and security of the region and in principal welcomes the need to develop a common position to protect these waters. Because of that recognition Somaliland has long been committed to safeguarding and ensuring that the territorial waters straddling its 850 KM coastline remains safe and secure from piracy and other forms of terrorism.

We believe that safeguarding the security of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden waters concerns all countries that share these coastal waters, and we support multilateral solutions to our common challenges. However, Somaliland will not recognize the formation of any blocs that exclude legitimate stakeholders based on arbitrary, irrelevant or discriminatory or discriminatory criteria.

Somaliland looks forward to any cooperation that actively contributes to the security and prosperity of this area, without compromising the sovereignty of any country. Somaliland views its peace, and stability and prosperity as intimately tied in to that of the region as a whole, and will continue to work with all stakeholders on all matters and efforts in which shared interests can be pursued in an equal mutually beneficial manner.

Somaliland ministry of foreign affairs