Somaliland: Trade and Investment Minister on Official Tour Abroad


Dr M. A. Omar

By: Moody Boodle

Hargeisa: (Somalilandsun) The minister of trade and national investment Hon. Dr. Mohamed Abdillahi Omar while speaking to the press at the Egal international airport departure lounge said that he is leaving the country and destined to Ethiopia and the United Arab Emirates respectively on official duties.

The trade minister when asked to elaborate the latest details about the offer from Ballore company in modernizing and privatizing the port of Berbera, the incumbent minister said that a professional consultants team of lawyers and engineers with a reliable, vast experience and broad knowledge in the modernization and privatization sector have been in the country for the last seven days working closely with the government.

Thereafter the government evaluation feedback report of the consultant team is what will indicate the government next move.

The offer of Ballore Company came after a trip of the trade minister and the Berbera port manager, the multinational French company is said to be managing several ports around Africa.

Bollore african logistics

The fate of the deal that will automatically polish the country economical level will be defined by the consultant’s report and have been in the country surveying and advising the government on the scale of the merger.

Ballore a large business developer is regarded as the leading integrated logistic network and operator of privatized ports in Africa managing more than 20 massive ports.

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