Somaliland: Irro Urges Non-Postponement of 2015 Slated Elections


Abdirahman Irro

Somalilandsun – The Speaker of the national Assembly and the chairman of Wadani Hon Abdurrahman Mohamed Abdilahi Irro has urged the current government to hold a free and fair elections in the country when the time comes.

The Speaker also urged the media and members of the public to shun talk of the possibilities of an extension of the current government tenure at the same time strongly warning the KULMIYE government not to extend by even one day and that elections should be held in time.

The chairman of WADDANI and party’s Presidential favorite said the remarks while speaking at a recent event organized by party supporters held in the UAE where he was visiting. Hon Abdurrahman Cirro said, “We in Somaliland are lucky to have the Gurti who we always turn too when complex political problems arise unlike our fellow Somali neighbors. The speaker went on to applaud the maturity of the house of elders (Gurti) and for their intervention which was crucial in solving the recent parliamentary deadlock.

Hon Abdurrahman Irro went on to say, “The current government of KULMIYE and President Silanyo came to power through our votes and we would like to see this government term in office to end in peace and they should on their part make sure that a free and fair election take place as promised by President Silanyo who has pledged that his administration will hold election in due time and without delay , therefore we once again urge from now on the media and public should refrain from spreading such rumors.

By: Geeska

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