Somaliland: Top Dadmadhedh Regional Administrators Sacked


Somaliland President Silanyo fires Hurre from his perch as Dadmadeed Regional Governor

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Dadmadhedh regional governor and his deputy have been ordered to vacate the regional mansion with immediate effect.
In presidential decree # JSL/M/XERM/249-2643/072014 the Somaliland head of state Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo has fired the Dadmadhedh regional Governor Jamaal Husein Hurre and his deputy Farah Abdi Hasan with immediate effect.
The president whose authority to hire and fire public officials is attributed to article 90 and 110 of the Somaliland constitution also decreed that Ali Awil Abdi and Mahmud Ali Ahmed assume the office of Dadmadhedh regional governor and deputy governor respectively
While urging the newly appointed officials to undertake their new duties with diligence the head of state also thanked the outgoing officials for their service to the nation.
The outgoing and incoming administrators were asked to expedite office handover in order to avail residents of the region continuous public administration