Somaliland: Equal Water Distribution to All City Residents – U’kuse


Minister Ukuse says the Somaliland government is committed to not only equitable distribution but sufficient water availability

By: M. A. Egge
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) -The Minister of Information, Heritage and National Guidance Hon. Abdillahi Mohammed Dahir U’kuse has reiterated the fact that the government was leaving no stone unturned until it made sure that ample water availability in all parts of Hargeisa was feasible.

The Minister decried the rumours peddled that water meant for the city was being diverted hence termed the allegations as flimsy ones.
Hon. U’kuse stated that the administration took over at a time that saw only 70 water wells in the country and has since managed to drill 48 others within the short period of only 2 years.
Over 50 of Hargeisa city residents currently consume Donkey or water tank supplied water  pic by SomalilandsunHe said that the aid received from the UAE was able to cover for only one half of the water needs hence the administration is poised to make sure that the remainder was realized.
He explained that the new ones being drilled at Isha Borama and Alamadaha areas are expected to boost the water availability in the city hence, by thus, pep up the Biyo-Shiine services by 90%.
“Those who peddle lies about Humbo weyne water resources are ill-motivated’, said the minister and added, “At no time whatsoever would some residents be supplied with the commodity while denying others”.
He said that all the people were equal and with similar rights whether they were in urban or rural areas.
The minister revealed that the number of committee members of the water resource and distribution named earlier by the President has been added.
Those added are:
1. Hon. Abdillahi M. Dahir, Minister of Information, Heritage and National Guidance.
2. Hon. Hussein A. Aideed, Minister of Justice
3. Hon. (Ass. Minister Defence)
4. Hon. (Ass. Minister – Security)
5. Hon. (Ass. Minister- Public Works)
6. Ahmed Mohammed Dirie (MP)