Somaliland: “Tighten Grip on the Country” President Hasan Urges NISA


 President Hasan addresses the 44th anniversary of the Somalia National Intelligence and Spy Agency whose precursor was the dreaded Siad Barre regime’s National Security Service-NSS credited with the annihilation of thousands of citizens

By: Yusuf M Hasan

Somalilandsun – 44 years after its establishment the National Intelligence and Security Agency-NISA is under revival by the Somalia Federal Government-SFG.


“My government is committed to giving much priority to NISA which is very essential to the stabilization” said SFG president Hassan during commemorations of the 44th Anniversary of the Spy agency in Mogadishu last Thursday.

Urging the spy agency to tighten its grip on the country president Hasan said “NISA is responsible for the peace and security in the whole country, so I urge you to work hard in order to overcome elements that don’t want the Somali people to enjoy a peaceful life and progress.

In a reminiscent of the Siad Barre era that established the NISA the SFG Honcho who said that he was proud of the work done by the agency last year in facilitating the killings of hundreds of innocent people by Al-Shabaab pledged to increase its budget for further similar work.

“The never ending incursions and suicide bombings especially in Mogadishu by Al-Shabaab are as a result of the good coordination work with the Terrorist organization done by NISA” president Hasan

The president emphasized that NISA had accomplished more tangible tasks last year including the facilitation of attacks by Al-Shabaab that led to numerous deaths including those of foreign workers, UN compound attack and numerous others that ensued with lots of innocent deaths and loss to massive quantities of properties.

Despite the contingent of a large number of African forces operating under the banner of AMISOM the much dreaded NISA which was established under law #14 on the 15th February 1970 by Dictator Siad Barre has failed and miserably at that, to counter the Al-Shabaab which rules 75% of southern Somalia and 100% Mogadishu in the afternoons and night.

While establishing the spy agency now NISA which was notorious for the anti-Northern citizens (Somalilanders) under the name National Security Service-NSS the below was announced by Siad Barre.

Establishment of the National Security Service under LAW No. 14 of the 15 February 1970.



• the first Charter of the Revolution;

• CONSIDERING THE NECESSITY to establish a National Security Service;


I. Article 1 Establishment)

The N ationa1 Security Service, with effect from the 8th January 1970, is hereby established.

II. Article 2 Staff

1. The Staff of the National Security Service shall, by order of the President of the Supreme Revolutionary Council, consist of persons detached from the Army, Police and other sectors.

2. The members of the National Security Service shall be governed by the Armed Forces Penal Code and existing disciplinary Regulations. Such disciplinary regulations shall apply until a special one for the Service is made by decree of the President of the Supreme Revolutionary council

III. Article 3 Jurisdiction

‘The National Security Service has jurisdiction over the whole territory of the Republic. ‘Its services may be used for National interest anywhere outside the Republic, when and as need might be.

IV. Article 4 Power to search and sequestrate

If urgent need be, the members of the National Security Service shall, without any warrant, have the power to search any person, property or house, and to sequestrate any property, in case they are informed or have a well-grounded suspicion that a crime was com­mitted against the security of the State.

V. Article 5 Power to enter for inquest

VI. The members of the National Security Service shall have the power to enter any licensed premise or any other concern to make an inquest thereon for purposes relating to the National Security.

VII. Article 6 Power to Arrest

1. The Members of the National Security Service shall, without any warrant, have the power to arrest any person, in case they are informed or have a well-grounded suspicion that a crime was com­ mitted against the security of the State.

2. 2. The measures referred to in article 4, 5 and 6 shall be, without delay, transmitted to the competent National Security Court for the confirmation order.

3. The competent National Security Court shall, on receiving the notice of any of the measures referred to in the preceding paragraph, issue a confirmation order or recall the measure by a final decision.

4. 4. The Supreme Revolutionary Council may change or set aside, in whole or in part, with or without remand, the decision referred to in the preceding paragraph.

VIII. Article 7 Compulsory

Any person, Diplomatic Missions accepted, residing in the Somali territory shall be obliged to cooperate with the members of the National Security Service in the execution of their duty.

IX. Article 8 Termination of pre-existing Services

On the establishment of the National Security Services, the Special Unit of the Police and Hafisca Wardonca Sirta of the Army shall cease to exist and all their files, instruments, transport and any other equipment shall be transferred to the National Security service

X. Article 9 Emoluments, Pension and Gratuities

Until special provisions are issued, the emoluments, pension and gratuities of the personnel of the Security Service to be instituted shall be governed by the regulations at the time being in force for the Army Forces.

XI. Article 10 Entry into force

This LaGen Siad Barre the architect of NSSw shall come into force on the 8th January, 1970 and shall be published in the Official Bulletin of the Somali Democratic republic

Mogadishu, February 15, 1970


Of the Supreme Revolutionary Council

Maj. Gen. Mohamed Siad Barre


Although Siad Barre and his murderous designs against the former citizens of his northern regions now republic of Somaliland is long gone the trumpets from the SFG and its president call for a hawk eye from Hargeisa authorities.

Readers interested in viewing the original 1970 document establishing NSS contact