Somaliland: Three Presidents and Two Administrations, an Incredible Tale


As Geeska Afrika examines Difference of Cohesive Administration between President Silanyo and Predecessors Rayale and Egal

Past and current leaders of post 1991 Somaliland

Somalilandsun – Somaliland has had four administrations since it reclaimed its sovereignty after withdrawing from union with Somalia in 1991
Of the four administrations the first one established by late president Abdirahman Tuur out of the ashes of civil war that liberated the Somaliland from the yoke of dictator Mohamed Siyad Barre and his Somalia national army, is only credited with reclaiming sovereignty.
In the post Tuur administration era ending in 1993 three presidents have governed Somaliland either courtesy of appointment of election, namely that of late president Mohamed Ibrahim Egal, Dahir Rayale Kahin and current one of Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo.
Without doubt every administration and president anywhere on earth undertakes mandate in diverse manners and utilizing strategic policies pursuant to party and honcho’s vision.
The 1st President of post 1991 Somaliland late Abdirahman Tuur But the cohesiveness of the administration, that is the partnership and cooperation of those appointed by president to various portfolios is to only imperative but a prerequisite.
That so Somaliland appears to have adhered to this norm during the administrations of late president Egal and that of the immediate past president Dahir Rayale, for in the current on President Silanyo washing dirty linen in public is the institutionalize norm.
Reminiscing on the 1993-2002 administration of Late President Egal that had inherited from the short lived one of late Tuur, a ragtag government still structured like a Liberation movement, cohesion of the senior public servants is unquestionable.
Even though the Egal administration was devoid of any tangible central coffers while addressing the insurmountable task of establishing a function government thence a sovereign nation from the ashes of a prolonged and devastating civil war that had divided citizens, never was his ministers ever heard or observed arguing in public.
This is solely attributed to their commitment to public service just as those serving under Rayale who had taken over after death of Egal did.
The 2nd President of post 1991 Somaliland late Mohamed Ibrahim Egal The Rayale administration that was in office from 2002 – 2010 which is credited with nurturing the Somaliland democratization process pursued in the footsteps of its predecessor to the letter.
Only two tangible differences to Egal can be recorded in that of Rayale, one being the daily Opposition to his administration by political parties that were as as a result of democratization success and two, a single incidence that saw two of his ministers differ publicly.
Though there was no recourse from political Opposition apart from perfect performance for his appointees washing their dirty linen in public swift action was the option.
Immediately the argument was recorded president Rayale immediately apologized to the public while revealing that the culprits have been add from his administration.
This was apt administration that requires cohesion within senior officials of which citizens of Somaliland were not only used to but the expectant of, since it was a prerequisite.
The 3rd and immediate President of post 1991 Somaliland Dahir Rayale Kahin Then in came the current administration of President Silanyo now on its seventh year and with three months to its end, and things took a dramatic about-turn with cohesion becoming not a prerequisite but taboo.

For the entire tenure of this admintrostions Somalilanders have become used to incidences of ministers not only washing their dirty linen but doing so on public as well.
This lack of cohesion in the current administration is according to many not in pursuit of public advancement but solely based on personal and selfish ones.
We have observed on camera and live ministers arguing of having been personal responsible for purchase and subsequent delivery of medicines to suffering citizens only to recant the claimed credit which is later attributed to government.
Just this week citizens were entertained by some ministers verbal scuffles which unfortunately were not in pursuit of public good but selfish one.
The 4th and current President of post 1991 Somaliland Ahmed Mahmud SilanyoNow that the country is in a transition period that is tenure of president Silanyo and his administrations has only three months in office ending on 13th November when elections are held it would prudent for the public quarreling ministers to hold their uncouth horses, eat covertly and for the head of state to at the least utilize the cane if need be, thence a cohesive team to supervise peaceful and swift hand over.
Originally published by Hornnnewspaper a weekly English paper published by Geeska Afrika in Hargeisa Somaliland

The over bloated and without cohesion Somaliland cabinet of president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo