Somaliland: President Silanyo’s Administration Pledges Timely Elections


As Opposition Politician Mohamed Duur Arale Cautions on Administration’s Transitional Period, urges Armed forces impartiality Come November polls

L R Presidency minister Mahmud A Hashi and Opposition Wadani party Official Mohamed Duur banter on Somaliland presidential elections

Somalilandsun – “President Silanyo is not only committed but determined to timely presidential elections as slated.
According to the Somaliland presidency minister Mahmud Abdi Hashi, the country’s presidential elections shall not only be held on the 13th. November but shall be held in a free, fair and transparent manner.
Minister Hashi stated this in response to sentiment expressed by former Interior minister and currently senior Opposition Wadani party official Mohamed Arale ‘Duur’ at a community function in Hargeisa where the three presidential candidates were in attendance namely Muse Behi Abdi, Eng Feisal Ali Warabe and Abdirahman Mohamed Abdillahi ‘Irro’ from the Kulmiye, UCID and Wadani parties respectively.
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Attributing the imperatives of extra caution to the transitional period Somaliland which is three months to presidential elections finds itself, politician Duur warned that failure to conduct the polls as slated would impinge the country’s international image as a bastion of democracy
“Somaliland is on a transitional status in which the international community with a stake in our democratization process are eyeing ongoings keenly”
Stressing on the importance attached to the successful somalilamndemocrstization process which has in the recent past been severely injured by numerous election postponement, the former minister said that not only was a timely ballot of importance but a peaceful outcome as well.
“Since the three presidential candidates are all cousins the outcome and subsequent acceptance by losers in the presidential election is utmost and must not only be assured by contestants, their parties and supporters but the whole country too”
In a special message unprecedented in the country, Politician Mohamed Nur Arale ‘Duur’ urged armed forces impartiality in the election process.
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Said he, “While the three political parties have three different colours, you members of the armed forces have only one, that of the flag of Somaliland” adding that the duty of the forces were to maintain the rule of law as well as national security thence participation in politics would entail negating their mandate.
The three political leaders in contention for the Somaliland presidency L R Muse Behi Feisal Ali and Abdirahman Irro of ruling Kulmiye and Opposition UCID and Wadani parties respectively seen here at a past public function in Hargeisa Emphasizing on his message to the armed forces Politician Duur did not mince words in stating that political affiliation in the country is clan based thence imperatives of the armed forces to stay away in order to deter divisiveness and sustain national cohesion.
In conclusion Mohamed Duur of the Wadani party revealed that most of his comments were directed to presidency Minister Mahmud Abdi Hashi since he is the right hand man of the Somaliland head of state thence responsible for implementing the agendas of president Silanyo.
In his rejoinder the presidency minister Mahmud Abdi Hashi upon reiterating the oft stated commitment by president Silanyo towards timely polls also acknowledged the imperatives of caution during the three months of transition prior to elections and a new administration.
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“My former Colleague is right in his sentiments on the transition period” said Hashi who is the right hand of president Silanyo
According to the minister Duur who held the interior portfolio during the 2012 local government elections is well versed in the intricacies of conducting polls in the country as well as constraints and threats thence among best people to give advice
Said he, “though we are in opposite sides of the political spectrum, I will not call my former colleague a yes man, owing to be related to Wadani presidential candidate Abdirahman Irro but only suffice is to reiterate that for presidential Silanyo who is not vying for a second term, the timely, fair, free and transparent conduct of presidential polls in Somaliland is not only a committeemen to but determination as well.
On the issue of assured acceptance of election results by all minister Hashi who said that he can only vouch for such by the ruling Kulmiye party’s Muse Behi Abdi.

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