Somaliland: Those Against Registration are Anti-SL, says Musa Behi


as he warns that what the people and this country had achieved all along would be jeopardized immensely
Kulmiye party officials led by Mus Behi inspect Somaliland voter regstration in parts of Maroodi jeeh region

Somaliland sun – A large entourage of government officials led by KULMIYE chairman, Mr. Muse Bihi Abdi who also happens to be the party’s flag bearer and Presidential contender made a two day whirl-wind tour to the countryside that falls under Marodijeh Region to mobilize the electorate for the ongoing registration processes.
This trip covered four major districts, whereby the Kulmiye chief and the leaders in his entourage made passionate and patriotic appeals to the members of the public to register themselves enmass such that our democratic practice may be more impactful hence bear real fruits.
He was flanked by amongst others, the Interior Minister Hon. Ali Mohammed Waran’adde, Livestock minister Hon A.M. Dahir, his deputy Hon A.M. Elmi and Marodijeh deputy regional governor Mr. Rashid Noor and several government and ruling party officials.
Chairman Bihi made it quite clear that whoever says that people should not register to vote were infact those who are against the nationhood, statehood and aspirations of this country.
“Those who tell people not to register or vote are in fact saying in effect, that there is no Somaliland there is no government (of SL)”, said Mr. Bihi.
He warned that those who had such ideas were enemies of the people and of the land since they are only perpetrating retrogression and chaos.
He was clear about the fact that what the people and this country had achieved all along would be jeopardized immensely.
The Kulmiye flagbearer told the masses that the tour was not one of poitical campaigns but one that was concerned with nation building.
“We are not campaigning but on a tour to build the nation”, he said, and added, “but when the registration is over and political campaigning starts, we would be back with each party selling its policies hence, you, as the electorate reserve your rights of choices”.
The message that Muse Bihi gave across all along the centres of Lebisagaale, Kamp Tuug, Ina Guuhaa, Qool Bullalle, Baliga-As and Sallahley mainly focused on the importance of nationhood and the imperativeness of registering as electorate.
On the other hand the Interior minister Hon. Waran’adde reminded the people on the need of evaluating aspirants hence choose pragmatic leaders with a good record and Independence veteran ship history, hence vote for Musa.
His colleague Hon. A.M. Dahir told Salahley residents to vote for Musa. They spent Friday night at Salahley.