Somaliland: They Are Wanting


By C.M.Abokor

Somalilandsun:If they are men of honour with an ounce of self respect, both the Somaliland Foreign Minister, Mohamed Abdillahi Omar and his colleague at Home Affairs, Mohamed Nur Araale “Duur” would resign.

Time after time, we have seen their abilities tested and found wanting. Time after time we have seen the policies they have implemented turn into ashes, and now, to cap it all of, our strongest ally has unilaterally called for her citizens to leave or not to travel to Somaliland.

This is the first time that Somaliland had been subjected to such a humiliation. And even worse our bumbling Foreign minister and his equally incapacitated colleague at the Home ministry found about the warning from the British Foreign Office website!

Where were the ties with our friends in London? What happened to the shared information? To the diplomatic way of doing things? Have we, rightly or wrongly, being lumped with the madness in Somalia after all these years?

What happened to the people who handled the terrorist attacks in 2008 with such courage and finesse? I tell you where they are, they have all been replaced by non-entities, who have been finally exposed as unable, incompetent and utterly worthless.

President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud “Silaanyo” addresses the parliament today, if he was a strong leader, he would sack the pair. But, he is not, and even more disturbingly, he appears to be infirm and out of touch. Or, does he actually approve of Somaliland’s slide into to the ranks of basket cases like Somalia? I don’t think so. I hope I am wrong, for I believe that the President is a patriot, but, if these two ministers do not do the honourable thing and resign, then he should fire them.

Somaliland and its people take great pride in their many achievements, but above all, they take great pride in the fact that Somaliland had men and women who were made of the right stuff running the country. Today, this is not the case.

Britain has the right to tells its citizens whatever it wants, but as a friend, they always took into account our sensitivities. However, having seen the mettle of the people running things in Somaliland today, they did what they had to do.

It doesn’t matter that the Somaliland intelligence services had, allegedly, uncovered some suspicious movements by certain people in the country, as well as, arrested two people

carrying some pretty nasty stuff. That should have been the start of this episode.

If these two ministers had any ability, they should have managed the matter in a way that put Somaliland in a positive light;

We have uncovered a possible terror alert

We have made the arrest

We have consulted our friends in the UK and come to an agreement as a precautionary measure, foreign nationals should be more vigilant

We are working to resolve the matter so that any departed foreign national can return as soon as possible.

No such luck, one minister was in Dubai trying to flog Somaliland’s greatest asset, the Port of Berbera, whilst the other one was stuck between two mayoral rivals in Zeila.

It is the wish of every patriot to serve their country and their people, in any capacity, sadly sometimes some people just don’t know their own limitations.

If they had any honor or self respect left, both ministers would tender their resignation, whether the president accepts or rejects it, is another matter.