Somaliland: “There is Nothing Called Presidential Welfare Office” Hagaltosie


Dr Suleiman Hagaltosie  MRR&R Minister• Turkish food aid distributed justly thus fairly and equally to all the regions of the country

• Maroodi-jeeh region’s share distributed by a committee appointed by VP Sayli

• Refutes alleged existence of a presidential welfare office

• Awaits the return of president Silanyo thus complete remaining issues pertaining to the Buhodle peace accords

Reports the Minister of Resettlement, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction-MRR&R Dr Suleiman Isse Hagaltosie

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The recent 5000 tons of Turkish food donation has been distributed to all the regions as per arrangement with the donors.

This was revealed by the Minister of Resettlement, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction-MRR&R Dr Suleiman Isse Hagaltosie during a media briefing in his Hargeisa offices where he also disclosed that the purported welfare office at the presidency does not exist and that the Buhodle peace accords are in the final stages of implementation.

According to Dr Hagaltosie the 5000 tons of Turkish food aid which was received by his ministry has been handed over to the various regional governors’ distribution to target beneficiaries.

Said he, “upon receipt of the food aid my ministry handed over in equal portions to regional governors for on the field distribution”

Fod Aid distributionThe MRR&R boss said that while, the arrangement with the Turks was that regional governors shall be responsible for disbursement to the target beneficiaries.

While thanking both the Turkish government for the donation and the Red Crescent Society –RCS for facilitation Dr Suleiman Isse Hagaltosie said the aid that came at the appropriate time has and is being given to the need in each region.

In clear references to continued reports that the head of presidential welfare office Ms Amina Mahmud Diriye is the sole agent responsible and in-charge of distribution of various donations including the recent Turkish one, Dr Hagaltosie reiterated that the distribution of any food and material donations to needy is the sole preserve of his docket

“As far as am aware the presidential welfare office does not exist in the current structure of government since it was transferred to my ministry in presidential circular thus a department under my charge” said Dr Hagaltosie

The minister’s statement is set to finally resolve the confusion surrounding the issue of theMs Amina M Diriye boss of the relief office welfare office whose boss continues to claim that she is still under the presidency while all and sundry are aware of the presidential circular that transferred the office to Hagaltosie’s ministry a few months back.

While negating complaints to the effect that the Turkish aid distribution in Maroodi-jeeh (Hargeisa) region has and is not being undertaken properly the Minister of Resettlement, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction said:

“Upon my ministry handing over the Maroodi-jeeh region’s share to Governor Jinn-yare, a special committee appointed by the vice president Hon Abdirahman Sayli took charge and reports reaching me indicate that things are running smoothly”

Presidential welfare office disbandedFollowing rumours of unfair distribution of aid items in region that hosts the largest number of needy persons VP Sayli appointed a high powered welfare management committee composed of prominent personalities among them several ministers.

On the issue of the Buhodle Peace Accord whose signing with president Silanyo he spearheaded The MRR&R Minister Dr Suleiman Isse Hagaltosie who informed that things are going as planned said that he will undertake a visit to Buhodle and the Sool region at large thus finalize the few pending issues of the peace accord as soon as the head of state returns from his current working visit abroad.

Dr Suleiman Isse whose Nickname of Hagaltosie was his Nome-de-Guerra during his command of the Sool, Sanaag & Cayn(Ain) tribal militias is credited with returning peace following The signing Buhodle peace accord which entails peaceful reconciliation with the central government in Hargeisa.

Signed mid 2012 in Dubai by President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo and the then commander Hagaltosie the Buhodle peace accord has so far brought to an end then regular skirmishes between government forces and the now disbanded SSC tribal militias.

The MRR&R Minister who is currently on an official visit to neighbouring Djibouti recently returned from a tour of Finland where he accomplished various major deals