Somaliland: The Sool Region Administrator’s Assassinations, Clan Supremacy or Politically Incorrect Strategy

Dulbahante clan rides comfortably on the tired shoulders of International community, Somaliland, Somalia Federal government and Puntland

Somalilandsun : The Security forces, Government and people of Somaliland are mourning the death of Abdiqani Guhaad the Sool Regional Criminal Investigation Officer.
The death was occasioned by a hail of bullets fired by yet to be Identified persons outside the CID officer’s home in the regional capital Las Anod on Monday night.

Late Abdiqani Guhaad the Sool Regional CID boss

According to President Muse Bihi this was a dastardly act perpetrated by entities with weak political motives and only bent on disemembering the ongoing government efforts to alleviate livelihoods in the formerly turbulent region.
Addressing members of the armed forces at Army headquarters in Hargeisa the president urged vigilance as the country was being attached by cowards who can only waylay unarmed government officials in Sool region as opposed to facing security personnel with the skills and capacity to destroy them.
The killing of the CID Officer is said to be related to that of the slain Sool Regional late judge Hasan Sheikh Mahmud who died in Las Anod Town through a remote controlled bomb planted in his vehicle.
The late Abdiqani Guhaad is said to been leading the Judge’s murder investigation thus a possibility that his death is related.
Meanwhile police who are reported to have arrested a number of suspects in the assassination of the CID Officer in Las Anod Town are yet to issue any statements on the motive or identity of the perpetrators.

President Bihi urges armed forces vigilance against a cowardly enemy of Somaliland

While residents of Sool region were in the past regular victims of resultant impact of regular inter-clan clashes or skirmishes between Somaliland security forces and some political malcontents, the situation is now different.
The central government in Hargeisa has in the last couple of years reconciled political differences with former rebels of Khatumo and SSC all made of up the main Dulbhante Clan predominant in the region.
Similarly inter_clan warfare has in the recent past came to nought courtesy of successful joint government and traditional reconciliation efforts that has cleared all outstanding grudges among the numerous Dulbahante sub-clans.
So what is the new Insecurity resurgence in which the solution seems to be the elimination of top government operatives in the country’s Eastern region whose residents are worried recent gains public service provision by somilaland authorities are being deliberately risked.
Upon the murder of late judge Hasan Sheikh Mahmud which remains unsolved to date, numerous hypothesis were surmised first being the negation of clan Vendetta for the late Judiciary officer was from a non Dulbahante minority clan resident in Sool.

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At the time of his assassination Puntland a Somalia administrstive region that lays claim to Eastern Sanaaag and Sool regions of Somaliland was baying for blood after its invading troops were humiliated by army units in the east of Sanaaag region.

Though overtly an alleged opponent of the Somalia Federal Government , Puntland is covertly a beneneficiary of huge ammounts of money and weaponry donated by the authorities in Mogadishu for the SOLE purpose of creating Insecurity in Somaliland.
This ploy by Somalia purportedly geared towards enhancing its claim that Somaliland which withdrew from its 1960 voluntary later turned fateful Union three decades ago, is still the northwest region thence a full member of the Federal government.
Apart from the Puntland emanating Insecurity Fronted by the Somalia Federal Government, the remote controlled explosive device used to murder the Judge was cause to suspect Islamic State in Somalia terrorists who are known to be holed up in the Galgala mountains in Puntland.

But whether be Politically or terrorism oriented the two assassinations could not have been possible without the participation and, or acquisainance of some members of the Dulbahante clan.
This Sool region of Somaliland predominant clan, at times in its entirety and others a few members, has over the years been the bane of security in Somaliland despite all efforts to fully incorporate them into mainstream political and governing life in the country.
While internal strife has been eliminated through Khatumo and SSC Movements reconciliation with the government that has seen former rebels ascend to high state offices and within the various branches of the security forces, nothing seems to appease them.
Prior to the government and rebels detente residents of Sool region were constant refugees, internally displaced, injured or dead and mostly devoid of any government provided public services.

To date refugees have returned, the internally displaced are resettled, sons and daughters hold high government and Political offices, public services are availed after being prioritised by the administration of President Bihi and his predecessor thence one would assume a contented population.
But for some reasons yet to be discerned members of the Dulbahante clan have refused to completely owe allegiance to Somaliland thence senior government and Political leaders in almost all the five administrative regions of Somalia not to mention the federal government itself.

Somaliland troops are in full control of all national boundaries

Whilst we forget that other Somaliland based clan members also refuse to owe allegiance to their yet to he recognizer country, all of them are based in Mogadishu as government officials or parliamentarians., as opposed to the former.
From Hargeisa through Garowe and Mogadishu all the way to Kismayu Dulbahante clansmen hold high government and Political offices thence the only Somali speaking entity to do so.
Since they are as their perception Somalis thence free to serve in which ever Regional administration they deem fit, the political sense in this strategy defeats logic for the dilly dallying here and there leads to internal displacement politically devoid of all the perks of a stable partnership with relevant authorities.
For in Somaliland there home of origin and within all the regional administrations they serve disharmony usually occurs if Puntland where the Deputy president is a clansman is example
Without dwelling deep suffice is that Insecurity is never far away whenever this clan is involved and it is usually the ordinary man and woman who suffers while the big shots gallop from one capital city to another enticing unsuspecting administrators.
Buy worst is the manner in which the international community active in Somaliland within the Federal government of Somalia and its five administrative regions have been duped for long, as the Sool clan portrays itself as persecuted here and there.

It is now time to stop these political hop step and jump by this clan through concerted action by the International Community, Somaliland and Somalia Federal government.
This will stop never ending insecurities in Somaliland and Somalia administrative regions, deter future aimless assassinations of innocent persons while securing local residents of Sool region sustainable development and public services enjoyed by other regions of Somaliland
And as the president asked the armed forces to be vigilant in the face of a cowardly enemy Somalilanders are anticipating are swift end to assassinations in Sool region

Dulbahante clan rides comfortably on the tired shoulders of International community, Somaliland, Somalia Federal government and Puntland

Main Photo caption Dulbahante clan rides comfortably on the tired shoulders of International community, Somaliland, Somalia Federal government and Puntland