Somaliland: The President Declares Defense of his Seat


As he vows to maintain security and peaceful stability while in an unprecedented move invites any challenge from aspirants within the ruling party Kulmiye

President  Silanyo
By M.A. Egge
HARGEWISA Somalilandsun) – The President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud has at last made it vivid that he would defend his seat as per heralded in the constitution.

In a clarification speech he made to the nation yesterday, the Head of State was categorical that as far as public and national security was concerned it was incumbent upon him to uphold and defend it.
The President further wondered how a seating administration would defend itself in its own backyard! “The constitution allows me to defend my seat”, he said and added, “It is unheard of for an administration of the day to defend itself in its own party but I am ready to be challenged by any aspirant”.
The President expressed his confidence at a time the chairman of the ruling party Mr. Muse Bihi has announced his candidature, something that has been deemed as quite irregular and bizarre in a country-wide one man one vote presidential elections.
It is true, to the President’s words, that despite the norms and etiquette of democracy no where on earth it has been seen that a seating CEO of a country is denied leadership within/by his or her own party.
To this challenge, the President has thus been brave enough to set the unprecedented once more, hence accept to undergo the party rigours!
In the speech in which the President mainly addressed the issue of security and the sharp political differences that is threatening to tear the ruling party apart, H.E. Ahmed reminded the populace that peace and stability was the most important aspect in the country whose realization came about through a long and hazardous path.
He expressed his shock that the undermining of the harmonious setting would be bourne from within rather than from without!
“We always were vigilante on security as one solid unit (both populace and government), we took great care hence was cautious on breach of peace from foreign entities but never did we expect to hear insurgency being spearheaded by those we tasked with vigilance and those who are aspiring for leadership!”
The President was presumably referring to a couple of blasts that detonated at empty spaces over Wednesday and Thursday nights.
The Interior Minister Hon. Ali Mohammed Waran’adde had earlier on at the weekend said that the government would do everything possible to see to it that public security is not breached at all in an announcement that also revealed the arrests of suspected culprits behind the cowardly acts.
The President who also reiterated the same words was quite categorical yesterday when he said that the government will pursue hotly whoever contravenes the Acts of security by breaking the law.
On Thursday the members of the pubic were quite shocked when the just sacked controversial state’s chief security liaison man (assistant minister in charge of Internal Security) was seen in the media threatening acts of instability. He has since been arrested with large catchments of arms hoarded at his residence.
The President also was quite clear on the fact that he had never made a memorandum of understanding with anyone at any time on relinquishing his leadership.
“The central committee had asked me to handover the chairmanship post to my deputy upon winning elections and I did so within the first month”, said the Head of State.
“I have never entered any agreement whatsoever in the remotest sense with Muse Bihi”, he clarified.
He advised that if there were any differences within the party, they should have referred any qualms to the party machineries including MPs or at the very least follow stipulated regulations since both the party and the country had their own laid down constitutions.
The President pointed out that he had done his best to make sure that petty differences were addressed within the party by disgruntled elements.
He said that he even went a step further hence constituted a top-notch reconciliatory committee to iron-out all minor issues such that the Third Kulmiye general meeting went on smoothly.
The Head of State lastly thanked the Upper House of the National Assemblies Parliament, the GUURTI, for delving into the latest party factional differences hence said that he fully supported their endeavours.
“I thank the GUURTI and support their endeavours hence am ready to heed their advice”, pledged the President.