Somaliland: The Impossible will Make Possible the Dreams of Our Generation


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Somalilandsun – Every day is another day we have dreams because we are new flowers, Generations of today will not be loser leaders of tomorrow. We have enough example and also role model our leaders shows us rough roads but they never ever leads us a really road and the right direction, they are real teachers but not true lessons, every day, every year, every minute, we are student in the class but unfortunately you are learning a problems lessons and black chapters of a bad leadership styles when you are in Somaliland,

In this article we’ll focus on the process of leadership, in particular bad leadership and good leadership ,before that let us know the real meaning of leadership means different things to different people around the world and different things in different situations for example ,it could relate to community leadership, religious leadership, political leadership and leadership of campaigning groups. So let us see the meaning of leaders help themselves and other to do the right things ,they set direction , build an inspiring vision , and create something new leadership is about mapping out where you need to go to ” win ” as a team or an organization and it is dynamic exciting and inspiring , yet while leaders set the direction , they must also use management skills to guide their people to the right destination , in a smooth and efficient way ,

Good leader or bad leader, which are Somaliland leader? Leaders effect every aspect of an life which is why assessing leaders’ skills and providing the training they need is crucial to an life success,

When you see the view of Somaliland generation ‘as talent agents, our generation takes a unique approach toward working with the management side, so we understand the needs of community we work with them as team to create real basic needs of life and building new bright of life stander ,

I was amazed when I realized there were so few Somaliland generation has long term visions and they worry about what is going on in my country , and how our leaders lead the system , this generation has eyes and ears they know what is wrong and what is right,

Do you ever think about that? There is nothing more important in government ethics than timely, independent, professional ethics advice. And there is no bigger problem in government ethics than poor ethics advice, especially that given by government (1) do not have a full understanding of government ethics, especially the fact that its rules are minimum requirements, which means that a strict interpretation of the language is inappropriate in providing ethics advice, (2) are political appointees and/or people with an ongoing relationship with the official, and will therefore be viewed as helping the official get away with possibly unethical conduct, and/or (3) act as if they are representing the official rather than the position or the agency or the government.

Abokor Omar OsmanTo be continue but Generations of Today will be Loser Leaders of Tomorrow

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