Somaliland: Citizens in the Diaspora Castigate Continued AMISOM Massacre of Somali Civilians


Amisom bang bang citizens

Somalilandsun – Concerned Somali Citizens have strongly condemn the continued attacks resulting in the massacre of Somali civilians by AMISOM troops

In the recent past a number of incidents were reported in Merka, Hiraan and Galgaduud in Somalia where a large number of innocent civilians lost their lives courtesy of the now institutionalized “shoot first ask Questions later “policy of AMISOM an African Union force which has over 17,000 peacekeepers from Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Burundi in the

The condemnations by the Concerned Somali Citizens add voice to a similar one by the Human Rights Watch which wants the AU to Investigate AMISOM Civilian casualties in Somalia.

In their statement The Concerned Somali Citizens who stated that they appealed directly to AMISOM as the De Facto rulers of Somalia to desist completely from the brutal butchering of Civilians and in lieu, they citizens reserve the right to pursue legal channels for the rape and Killing of Somalis. Read the Concerned Somali Citizens statement in Full

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