Somaliland: The future leaders are coming! Thanks President Ahmed Silaanyo who is a True Nation Builder.


By: Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh (Hussein Deyr)[UK]

Somalilandsun – Young men in their early thirties occupying high public offices in Somaliland!?? It was unthinkable and unheard phenomenon in our society. It was not the tradition of the Somaliland’s old political elite to provide the young people a real opportunity to get involved in the political and social decision-making process of their own country.

In Somaliland, engaging in political matters has been always considered as an issue for the older people. The young people with political ambitions had no opportunity whatsoever to achieve their political ideals. They were told or made believe that politics is a very bad and dangerous thing that they should think twice before they start with it. The young people were increasingly discouraged, kept them ignorant and at a distance by the old elites. Before President Ahmed Silaanyo’s government came into power; that was still the case!

As a wise and time-honoured leader, President Ahmed Silaanyo has restored the young generation’s belief and trust in the political system, in government as well as in the democratic system in their country. For the last two decades the lives of the young people in Somaliland have been facing so many difficulties and challenges on different situations. As a seasoned politician, the President knows exactly that the future of our country is mainly depending on the degree of involvement of young people. The President is completely convinced that the young people should be fully engaged in every level of the government. The young people constitute the backbone of Somaliland population and they are the future leaders of this nation.

It was his government’s initiative to encourage and to be actively engaged the young people in the political dynamics as well as in the decision making process of the country. By a daring and brave decision-making, combined with an impressive and adaptable leadership quality President Ahmed Silaanyo turned the young generation’s dreams into reality.

After successful local council elections in Somaliland, the generation shift in political and social fields is a reality. The future leaders are coming. There has been a democratic revolution in the Somaliland Republic. The local council elections in Nov. 2012 and the irrefutable results thereof, was a revealing political landslide which has permanently changed the mentality and century’s old social perception of the content and substance of politics. Suddenly, the political dynamics in Somaliland (and everything around it) became very young and attractive in which everyone is longing for.

The current government of Somaliland has swept away the political stumbling block that previously kept off so many talented young people and barred them from exercising their constitutional rights and to get involved with the political matters in their homeland.

Young people in Somaliland with political ambitions that in the past had no chance of succeeding are today very grateful for the government led by President Ahmed Silaanyo. In that aspect, the electoral promise and commitment of the current government has been thereby beyond compare materialized.


At a time of rising hostility, animosity and jealousy towards our nation and country, we don’t need shoot-from- the-hip policy. For the sake of our unity and social togetherness, we should be more sensible and find out non-destructive ways to express our views and to make known our discontent and disagreement with regard to the way in which the current government leads and governs the country. Let us start and come up with well considered and more constructive debates that can be part of the cause for our nation and can contribute to the advancement of our people and country’s future challenges.

Although you may personally not in agreement with all of President Silanyo’s policy stances and the way in which his government runs the country, I suppose you love your country and you care about your people. That’s why you should support and respect the incumbent as the President of Somaliland Republic. We should not bad-mouth him to others (Somaliland enemies) but respect and sustain him as our President; knowing the fact that he is democratically elected by the majority of Somaliland electorate! If you have an issue regarding his policies, take a stand and have your say, use your individual rights granted by the Constitution, start a petition, and get involved in the democratic process.

The undeniable fact is that the leader of our nation has beyond compare demonstrated by his deeds, words and actions that he is: A nation builder and true democrat driven by fairness, compassion, care and devotion to duty, social justice and equality consistently applied to all community levels not only to kith and kin, nearest and dearest or special inner circle interest groups. He is a leader with a Mission and Mandate who gives a Voice to a Voiceless nation.

By: Architectural-Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh (Hussein Deyr)[UK]

God Bless the Republic of Somaliland and its Nobel people