Somaliland: The Fear Driven Resignation of Anti Corruption Chief


outgoing chairperson of the Somaliland Good Governance and Anti Corruption and Commission GGACC Ahmed Muhumed Madar

Somalilandsun – Corruption seems to be an officials policy in the government of Somaliland.
This was stated by outgoing chairperson of the Somaliland Good Governance and Anti-Corruption and Commission GG&ACC Ahmed Muhumed Madar during a presser at his residence in Hargeisa.
The anti corruption Czar who resigned a day after president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo ordered the immediate stumping of maladministration said that his departure from office was precipitated from knowledge that his duties were untenable.
Stating that he deemed it fit to leave office rather than supervise official corruption the outgoing GG&ACC chief said, “Yes I have resigned because I can not fulfill my mandate because corruption seems to be an officially sanctioned policy of this administration”
Revealing that his duties in the seven years in office have been very difficult since whatever recommendations are made as pertains misuse of public office for selfish purposes by senior presidential appointees are not only not acted upon but Discarded to the dustbin, Madar said that disassociating himself was the only option left.
Accusing the executive which is his pointing office and Parliament his approval body of lackluster pursuit of anti-corruption and good governance in the country, Madar said only a revolutionary legislation change coupled with an administration with the wish and muscle to implement can facilitate deceit in government and subsequent fraud of public property.
The quiet anti-corruption Czar who has been fulfilling his duties guiltily, presumably, stressed on the fact that “though resignation has been in my mind the threats issued by president Silanyo not only petrified me but hastened the to corruptionOn the fateful orders by president Silanyo that came after a meeting he did not attend but in which four of his officials were present, the outgoing Somaliland GG&ACC chief said that his non participation related to protocols.

“I did not participate in the meeting with president Silanyo that precipitated my resignation because I was informed half an hour prior to its start”
Justifying non participation to protocols rather than anything else Ahmed Muhumed Madar said that arrangements for such meetings are made in advance at the least 6 hours prior.
For the Anti-corruption Czar a 30 minutes notice made it impossible for him not only to prepare but to drive to the presidency in time, so opted to abstain, rather than arrive unprepared and late.
For citizens who have always known but lacked proof of sanctioned corruption in the administration of president Silanyo the ongoing resignation by a number of senior figures in his administration is ample confirmation thence no longer a suspicion.