Somaliland: Stifling Intellectual Exercise


freedom by logic

By: Ali Ege
Somalilandsun -Dr Bulhan is a noble Somalilander whose patriotism and sincerity about the quest for Somalilands’ independence and cause is beyond reproach. This has been demonstrated throughout his service in the country, by forming the now defunct Academy for Peace and Development and his tenure as Dean of the Hargeisa University, in addition to other valuable undertakings that contributed positively to the growth and development of the country. His earlier invaluable support to the struggle and cause before the Somaliland’s emergence and declaration as an independent and sovereign state is historic.
Presently, Dr Bulhan is challenging the Somaliland people and government’s belief in the tenets of their constitution and the exercise of the fundamental freedoms and rights enshrined within it. The proposal he is making might effectuate the opening up of a dialogue that would break the ice and by doing so lead us out of the quagmire that the political novices of the present leadership have placed us in.
We have observed the present handlers of our affairs stumble from one drastic mishap to another, without agenda or strategy. We saw our leaders being led into situations where they are eventually made to sign petty and insignificant agreements that are a far cry from our fundamental objectives in line with the people’s aspirations. In these encounters we have been ridiculed and humiliated. We have not been able to advance an iota in the direction of our goals for mustering independence and sovereign status. We have been out maneuvered and outwitted at every turn.
The government should realize that by allowing Bulhan and the dialogue he proposes, they would be better prepared to undertake any future discussion if they capitalize on what they have learned from the exercise. His endeavor would be more beneficial to the Somaliland cause than it would be to the South’s:
-the South is already familiar what your position is in any future dialogue
-you still have not devised any strategy how to exploit any differences that they may have ( some having expressed that difference already)
Considering these issues, Dr Bulhan should be allowed to carry out his exercises, outside the government institutions’, and request reports and recommendations after all is done and finalized. This right should not offered to any future copy cats whose integrity and intellect could not be relied on( respect of the constitution being fundamental to all-as Dr Bulhan adamantly expressed) towards our cherished goal of a free and independent Somaliland.
Ali Ege
Toronto, May 6,2017