Somaliland: Ear Piercing War Drums Sound in the East of the Country


As the state warns that SFG Fronted Meetings Shall not take Place in Eastern Regions where Khatumo Secessionist leader Prof Galayd is fomenting troubles financed by Mogadishu

Somalilamd troops enter Baliad centre in Buhoodle to flush out Khatumoists

By: Yusuf M Hasan
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The people and Government of Somaliland shall not continue to take lightly activities geared towards impinging on peaceful co-existence in the country
This warning was issued by the minister of interior Mohamed Ali Waran’ade during a press briefing in his Hargeisa offices where he revealed that the Mogadishu based Somalia Federal Government-SFG is trying to hold unionist meetings in Buhoodle town in eastern Sool region of Somaliland.
“Unless they the SFG deter from orchestrating events palpable to creating insecurity anywhere in Somaliland swift retaliation should be expected too” said the interior minister while revealing that security has been beefed in Buhoodle while all army units in the East are on high alert.
The warnings from Somaliland authorities follow nefarious activities by the Khatumo secession leader Prof Ali Khalif Galayd in parts of Sool region particularly Buhoodle district where a number of his militias have amassed.
In his annual state of the nation address president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo informed a joint parliamentary session that:
” Groups or individuals professing to speak on behalf of Somaliland, whom are engaged with the federal political processes in Somalia, and have not been instructed by the Government of Somaliland – do not represent the will of the people of Somaliland, its elected Government officials or its chosen representatives. The inclusion and legitimisation of these individuals constitutes a wilful act of provocation undermining other legitimate forums for constructive engagement between the Governments of Somaliland and Somalia.

Recently, we have become aware of covert acts supported by Somalia officials calculated to jeopardise our hard won stability and security. In particular, they have sought to target our on-going registration and election processes. Such ill-advised provocations shall remain fruitless and ultimately, will backfire on those seeking to sow discord. Somaliland will not tolerate any actions seeking to undermine its stability and security, and will respond without hesitation to safeguard its people and interests. The territorial integrity of Somaliland remains sacred and indivisible. End quote
Echoing the same words uttered by his boss the Interior minister officially revealed that units of the armed forces have been dispatched to the district to beef-up security.
This revelation by the state comes in the heels of a massive deployment in Bali ‘ad area that saw the Khatumo secessionists and his militias chased out of town resulting in a bold move to Buhoodle proper thence an imminent armed confrontation.
Adherents to The mythical Khatumo state that is purportedly to be curved out of the entire Sool region predominate by the Dulbahante clan and eastern areas of Sanaag region where Warsengeli clansmen predominate have in the recent past intensified their warlike activities presumably to deter voter registrations in the said areas they aspire a state.
The formerly covert claim by Somaliland that the hand of SFG authorities is deeply entrenched in advancing Khatumo secessionism the warning issued by president Silanyo and subsequent one by his chief of internal security turned things covert thus the warnings of dire reprisals to both the Khatumoist and any of their external cahoots that also include Puntland, an administrative region of Somalia bordering Somaliland in the east.
The reinforcement by Hargeisa that saw the army undertake successful Khatumoist flush-out operations has also seen specialized units take up positions at Saah-deer town which is claimed by Prof Galayd as his seat of Government which is a strategic place to counter any incursions from Somalia’s Puntland.
Prof Ali Khalif L with other Khatumo secession leaders at an undisclosed hide out in the wilderness of Sool regionThe SFG authorities in Mogadishu who never tire of recruiting native Somalilanders to stir trouble more within the eastern regions and having realized that the so called Khatumo state of Somalia is the Achilles tendon of the government in Hargeisa, seem to have gone berserk in promoting the current stand-off in order to muster support for the Federalization process it is staggering to conduct,
Squeezed tight in endeavors of assuming full control of the war torn country by Al-shabaab a strong fighting force aligned to Al-Qaida and in control of most rural areas of Somalia by night and Day, the international community propped up SFG president Hasan Sheikh is in full throttle to not only garner support for his federalization process but stir trouble in Somaliland as a means of diverting attention from failure to curb Al-shabaab which controls his Mogadishu seat of government from Dusk to Dawn
But as the drums of war sound in Buhoodle and entire eastern areas of Somaliland where heavily armed troops are facing each other from a distance of 20 kms residents in the affected areas are crying out for Khatumoist to give peace a chance.
For since President Silanyo co-signed the Buhoodle peace accords with then Sool, Sanaag and Cayn-Ain SSC militia commander currently his minister of Health Dr Suleiman Isse Halitosis the hitherto scattered residents have returned and are accessing much need public services missing for decades.
This peaceful atmosphere now under SFG invasion has seen numerous appeals made by elders and senior citizens lamenting the wanton death meted on their sons by the Prof Galayd Khatumo money collecting project not to mention displacements as well as loss of livelihoods that has seen stabilization since the Buhoodle accords started being implemented.
According to Journalist Feisal Ahmed Kharshe a native of Buhoodle currently plying his craft in Hargeisa, to completely wipe-out the Khatumo secession movement once and for all, the Somaliland authorities should stop acting international shy and conduct a full scale military operation in all areas where the Prof Galayd armed militias are based.
“Currently such a move will receive full support from area residents who upon their short taste of much sought public services coupled with the peace resulting from the Buhoodle accords are no longer interested in any association with the secession movement” opinionates Journalist Feisal
In the meantime the government of Somaliland should capitalize on the massive support its citizens have given the strong stance taken as pertains the SFG Mischief orchestrations and their Cahoots in the guise of Khatumo thus utilize its troops to the maximum to ensure that never again shall Prof Ali Khalif ever circle foreign capitals in the guise of the president of Khatumo state of Somalia.
Finally one would not fail to wonder whether the recent pronouncements by Khatumo that it intends to pursue peaceful reconciliation was just a gimmick to buy time as they collected monies from their coffers in Mogadishu or the ploy of a dying cause.
Interior Minister Mohamed Ali Waranade press briefing on beefed security in ther east of the country outdside his offices in Hargeisa SomalilandCopyright © 2015 Somalilandsun, All rights reserved.