Somaliland: Repeat ID Registration Lands Culprit in Jail


L -R Abdihakin Jama Mohamed Abokor in Hargeisa 2016 and in Burao 2015

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The ministry of interior has caused the arrest of person caught double registering for the Somaliland National Citizens Identity Card.

An order to police in Hargeisa and signed by the Minister of interior Mohamed Ali Waran’ade ordered the immediate arrest and subsequent arraignment in court for Abdihakin Jama Mohamed Abokor after he attempted to register for an ID card in Hargeisa.

The registration server discovered that the applicant was already registered in Burao of Toghdeer region under the same name and issued with ID card number 48273284 of 19th March 2015while he had already been processed in the second quest in Hargeisa under ID card # remains ambiguous.

“This should serve as a warning to all citizens who attempt to register more than once which is against the law thence adverse legal effects” said the Interior minister.

This is the first person to be caught trying to double register for a national ID card thus gives hopes that the just about to start Voter registration that utilizes the same bio-metric system, introduced recently in Somaliland to mostly as a deterrence to multiple voter registration hat has been rampant in the past.

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