Somaliland: The DP World Contract is in Violation of National Tendering Policies


DP world Non-Bidding Construction projects Corruption Scandal in Somaliland

Do Djibouti allegation to DP world misconduct was absolutely right?

Do DP world has a license to corrupt Somaliland constitutional and institutional legal rights?

DP world Berbera port logo goes up in smoke  during port workers protests in Berbera

Somalilandsun The Dp world is severely violated of Somaliland Tender Board policy and constitutional rights, according Somaliland Tender Act. Awarding construction contract without respecting Somaliland Tender policy plans, procedures and universal tender standard procedures. This is act of corruption, scam and hoaxThisDP world move createschaos, confusion and tension among Somaliland Construction Companies

DP world awkward awarding the Daryeelcompany a project estimated $5 million constract by trespassing and disrespecting Somaliland constitutional and institutional rights. The initial face of Dpworld were unwelcomed in Somaliland law makers and public in general.

Furthermore, after we contacted theDaryeel construction company General Manager and marketing manager, Mr. A/Rashid and Mr. Awil respectively .we asked same question. How do you receive the construction contracted from the DP world without competition based on tender? Both gentlemen respond as same, that they exercise their leverage through Somaliland Ambassador BasheAwil , Berbera Mayor Mr. Dicinas well as chairman of Somaliland chamber of commerce were facilitated to receive the project without bidding.

We also visited the Daryeel constructing sites, most of employee were Ethiopia. I asked thDaryeel marketing manager, do  recruite from Hargeisa or Ethiopia. He told me they were recruited from Hargiesa, and good at work when they compare to Somaliland citizens,and cheap labour and cost effective as well.

Without a reasonable doubt, Somaliland best tax payers are construction companies, according Somaliland ministry of finance annual best payer record. But, they did not receive the respect, justice they deserve .in return discrimination, immoral and inequality from the current administration bids

Do Dp world have license to corrupt Somaliland constitutional and institutional legal rights? Leave a question.

Lastly, as procurement experts we did express our concerns and recommends to legally reviewing and right by tendering before it is too late. If ignoring to bid contract, it will have domestic and international consequences.  Today we believe the Djibouti allegation to DP world misconduct is now visible in Somaliland.

Ahmed Ali Abdi


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