Somaliland: Five Die after Conflict in Sool Region


Calm returns to conflicted area of Sool region in Somaliland

By: Omar Mohamed Farah
Somalilandsun – At least five people died after two clan men battled on Sunday in Qudhac-makhsin village, south of Lasanod a capital of Sool Region in eastern Somaliland, Lasanod district councilor said.
15 people severe injuries this casualty, Mohamed Ahmed Aflahar, a Lasanod district councilor stated.
“The battle is involved in same resident clans in Sool, that earlier combat in recent years. The two sides fought today after they came in Qudhac-makhsin area was recently rained and the rural societies that effected the severe drought moved into this village to obtain water,” Mr. Alahar said.
He added the tension of the area is enhanced after the recent incident took place. He expressed that self organized traditional and religious leaders are their way to conflict village to suspend in further bloody clashes between the combat clans.