Somaliland: The Defense of our Deficiencies is Weak and Inane


Somalilandsun- Our politicians often argue when defending their failings that:
a) Bad government is better than-no government at all.
And the other thing they rush to pronounce when justifying their failures is that-
b) we are still infant and crawling,  What is the rush!
And the third ridiculous argument is:
c) others are interfering our affairs- the international communities are!
d) Another ridiculous argument is: Only an elected government can replace an existing one. What they don’t want to say is that an existing parliament is there for a fixed term and an election must take place to elect their replacement. They don’t complete the sentence. It is all perfidious!

  1. a) Bad government is better than no-government at all cannot justify their debacles!

b)-We are still infant-baby, crawling, what is the rush! Cannot Justify their failings either!
c) This is transferring your failures to others! It is like saying,” it is not me, it is our enemies-others! This is scapegoating tactic and it is silly!

You hear some government officials and the chairman of the Guurti started pointing fingers at the international community whom we are selling our case to them, seeking assistance and seeking recognition from them!

Ok, let us deal with number 1. ‘No government at all’- is disastrous for sure, but what creates that catastrophic situation? Bad governments create the no-government at all situation. That means the ‘Mother of no-government-at all, situation’ the mother of this evil is the Bad governance.  The argument is often pushed by the over-stayed houses of congress and the executive and others! So don’t sweat defending bad governance. Bad governance is the mother of evil things happening!

In 2002 and 2005, at that time when we were even younger (babies) than what we are now, one president with one term held  first elections without creating chaos and pushing invalid excuses around. I think we can do it, we are better than this. Let us do the right thing and hold election sooner than later.

Among many other factors one of them is ignorance which is why we do what we are doing. Ignorance is very dangerous.
I saw that some people suffice them to say that “Bad government is better than no government at all” and with no shame tell you to move on! And for others it suffice them that “we are still infant, so what the rush”!!

Averroes a Latinized as IbnRushd a Muslim Andalusian, scholar and philosopher, explained the effects of ignorance like this
“ignorance leads to fear, and fear leads to hate, and hate leads to violence. This situation is prevalent in the Somali peninsula as a whole! So help us Allah to lead us to help ourselves.

By: Ibrahim M Mead
founder and Director of
Somaliland watch group
Ottawa, Canada
December 25, 2019

Peace and prayers
Ibrahim M Mead