Somaliland: The Dear Opportunity Lost Fifty Three Years Ago Is Being Sought Once Again


By: Abdilahi. JohnPost independence British-Somaliland Flag

Somalilandsun – Somaliland has been given independence today 26 of June 1960, this country of former British Protectorate was absolutely offered very dear chance that many commonwealth countries around the world firmly grabbed in that period of that time when they were permanently given independences.

However Somaliland has made very huge mistake when insisted to join the southern Republic of Italian Colony for enthusiasm of Somali great Union that will amalgamate the whole parties of Somali speaking Nations elsewhere on this Universal which Somaliland national fellows anticipated highly that process and collaboration will evolve the Somali speaking Nations there, but that possibly ended deadlock suddenly when the possible expectation completely disappeared in that time and the plan turned only south and north republics who did not have a mature and fundamental accord to follow up properly to shun all disputes based on power sharing which the two administrations have not been exercised legally and also honestly.

Somaliland Nation that is celebrating for fifty three Anniversary of its independence today seems very desperate to gain recognition from the international communities especially its caretaker of Britain government that knows Somaliland more than anybody else.

Britain is pressing Somaliland for the previous disobedience in the 1960 proposal of joining the commonwealth and stays close to thisSomaliland Britain forever. Therefore Somaliland is looking for the dear opportunity lost in the past fifty three years ago, it is very complicated today to turnaround this momentum that Somaliland government has been looking for the last twenty two years, of course Britain is fully aware of the current situation of this tiny nation of Somaliland but the circumstance of this modern time will not let Britain to give a hand Somaliland which necessarily fulfilled the requirement of being a nation that freely joins the international communities in accordance with the excellent achievements of Somaliland due to peace and security the country secured for the last two decades.

In spite of that criteria and the better performance of Somaliland for the establishment of full stability and very brilliant diplomatic relations with the European Union, African Union, Arab World and North America as well, it will help Somaliland to be reviewed for their long struggle of an independent nation of Somaliland with the international United Nations treaty to be decided Somaliland destiny.

Somaliland is being celebrated for the freedom and independence given by the Britain in 1960, even though Our Colours our Nation Somaliland national fellows are British in the heart, they have not yet win the hearts and minds of the British people especially the leaders that only will lift the political denial or sanction of Somaliland related to the 1960 unnecessary disobedience and the wrong decision Somaliland leaders of that time have taken without not considering the better future of Somaliland generations of today who are tirelessly fight for reconsideration of that suggestion of saying once more.

The Republic of southern Somalia which used to be only one administration of that time deserves very highly respect of neighborhood and brotherhood as well, even though jealousy and envy created self ruled provinces that tantalizes Somaliland administration in which their legitimate history as Nation or totally independent state of Somaliland has already been introduced to the international communities for more than fifty three years ago, while parties of Somali southern republic claimed as independent state for the intent of jealousy and envy against Somaliland historical root and legitimacy.

It does not matter whether Somaliland will renegotiate the Mogadishu administration for any deal to resolve this current issue of Somaliland agenda of seeking recognition from the Republic of Southern Somaliland without hostility or conflicts that maim and leave behind the better procedures and general stability in the region which is very important priority for the two administrations that closely becoming friendly administrations until final solution will be reached for the current disagreements of both sides.

Somaliland Nation absolutely got very different and significant choices here to carry out in order to make development for the situation, but this determination belongs to the nation of Somaliland, this nation has been forbearing situations underwent for the last twenty two years and the country still proceeds the path of independent state although no nation uttered recognition so far. Likely people of Somaliland happily enjoy and celebrate the independence gained from the Britain in fifty three years ago, people are still very curious to fight for the genuine course that has been accidently vanished ignorantly in the year of 1960 when given independence by Britain. Imagine how developed and advanced Somaliland people will be today if they honestly accept the offer and the dear opportunity of Britain, at least they will have international football player that play competitive and professional football as well as athletics also.

Abdilahi JohnSomaliland nation celebrate today 26 June of 1960 independence and guaranteed twenty years of independence today, after proclaiming break away republic of Somaliland in 18 May 1991 Buroa. Obviously, it is the time international community listens to the voice of Somaliland people and their demand.

By Abdilahi. John