Somaliland: The Constitution is Explicit on Freedom of Expression Parameters- MP Dayib

Somaliland: The Constitution is Explicit on Freedom of Expression Parameters- MP Dayib
somaliland MP Sh. Ahmed Dayib Aden

Somalilandsun: A Member of Parliament  Hon. Sheikh Ahmed Dayib Adam has decried that some  section of the media have trumped on the reputation of the nation by reporting treasonous information.
The MP who is also a cleric in a terse statement sent to news rooms talked  about the prison riot that happened this week.

He said the media  reporting on the incident exaggerated it, by reporting that there was a gun fight within the jail compound and falsifully saying that  guns and munitions have been smuggled into the Hargeisa jail yard.
Speaking about the issue of freedom of expression the MP said “Freedom of  expression is enshrined in the constitution according to article 32 act  3 of Somaliland constitution clearly states that journalists are free  to exercise their freedom to express their opinions and thoughts.
Muzzling of freedom of expression is not allowed by our laws.”
He went on to state that every citizen is allowed to express his or her views political or non-political according to article 32 act 1 of Somaliland constitution.
He quipped has the constitution not put limit on this freedom of expression?  The answer is affirmitive. There are limits to these freedoms of expression they are as follows;
1. The general moral norms of the population according to the islamic culture and Somali cultural practice.
2. Infrigement of national security and unity of Somaliland populace.
3. Infrigement of citizens rights according to islamic jurispundence and Somaliland constitution.
All this is according to article 25 act 4 of the country constitution:
“The freedom of a person should not interfere with the rights of others  and the general well being of the nation in terms of security and  unity of the country”, he said.
He said that by lying about the riot at Hargeisa City Jail and the videos  broadcast by a cross section of independent media claiming that guns  and munitions (without substantiations) have been smuggled into the  correctional facility this was against the rule of law and a back- stab to the country constitution.
He said journalists should desist from reporting sensitive information that could cause panic amongst citizens.
He however urged the security apparatus to lenient the journalists for they  erred and only Almighty All Powerful Allah (God) who does not err.
Sheikh Ahmed Dayib requested the police not to raid media stations because  the media premises have not committed any crime