Somaliland: Territorial Integrity in the East of the country is Intact, Sool Regional Army Commanders Reveal

Sool Regional Army Commanders brief Somaliland National Army commander Major General Nuh Ismail Taani

Somalilandsun: The Somaliland territorial integrity in the east of the country is being maintained aptly by heroic soldiers of the national army.

This was revealed by army commanders in Sool Region during a briefing to their boss Major General Nuh Ismail Taani, who is inspecting bases in the region.

During the briefing and subsequent inspection of facilities and troops readiness to repulse external invasion the Commander of the Somaliland National Army was accompanied by the ministers of Foreign affairs and information prof Yasin Faraton and Sulieman Yusuf Ali Kore respectively as well as the commander of the coast guards other senior army officials and governor of Sool region

After listening to reports from army officers in the area the commander thanked the soldiers for their diligence while promising to always cater for all their needs without fail.

After the bases inspection tour the army commander and his entourage preceded to Las Anod the Sool regional capital where the Somaliland government ministers officially opened the revamped Abdi Bile Abdi football stadium.

The stadium named after the local boy who was world champion in 800 meters during the 1980s has been extensively renovated and modernized by the Somaliland government.

Government Opens Refurbished Abdi Bile Stadium in Las Anod

The government delegation from Hargeisa was also part of spectators at a football match between a team from Tog-wajale town in Gabiley region and a team from Las Anod town.

The opening of the second phase of the Abdi Bile Abdi stadium was attended by the ministers of foreign affairs, information, and the mayor of Las Anod, the mayor of Sool, the Sool sports coordinator and other officials.