Somaliland: Talks in Turkey with Somalia to Resume in October


Final Communiqué of the Somaliland and Somalia Dialogue Held In Istanbul On 7-9 July 2013

Somalilandsun -In accordance with the framework agreements reached in Chevening, Dubai and Ankara, delegations from Somaliland and Somalia met in Istanbul between 7 and 9 July 2013 with the assistance of the Turkish Government.

In accordance with the agreements codified in the Ankara Communiqué of 13 April 2013, this round of the dialogue attempted to establish additional parameters to further clarify the relations between the two sides and gave a particular attention to issues that have arisen since the previous meeting.

Somalia and Somaliland:

1. Agreed to the return of the air traffic management from the UN and decided to establish a joint control body that is based in Hargeisa to lead the air traffic control of both sides. It is also agreed that this body will propose a mechanism for equitable revenue-sharing.

2. Committed to the continuation of the talks.

The next meeting will be held in Turkey in 120 days.

             Somalia                                                        Somaliland

Abdikarim H Guled                                                Mohamed A Omar

       Minister                                                                 Minister