Somaliland: Swedish Somalilanders Pledge a Closer Look Home


By: Latifa Yusuf Masai

STOCKHOLM (Somalilandsun) – The Mayor of Stockholm is expected to receive a full briefing on prevalent status in Somaliland.

The beefing shall be undertaken during a meeting Mayor Karin Wanngård and the head of the Somaliland Diaspora Agency-SLDA Abdi Abdilahi Hirsi who is in Sweden as part of his ongoing official visit to various European cities where Somalilanders in the Diaspora dwell.

In Stockholm the SLDA boss met and held discussions with committees from various groups of the country’s Diaspora in Sweden among them Intellectuals, Youth, Women and professionals at diverse sessions in which it was unanimously agreed to enhance cooperation.

Terming Sweden as one of the countries in Europe hosting a large Somaliland Diaspora Mr Hirsi urged those benefitting from Swedish largesse to conform to norms of their adopted country while keeping original roots in focus.

According to a press statement by the SLDA the purpose of the visit is to engage those in the Diaspora, as a prelude to maximizing their role and contribution to economic, social and political development of their motherland Somaliland

Upon giving a concise brief of prevalent status in the country and the need for continued participation of those in the Diaspora as pertains to helping economic growth in Somaliland the SLDA boss said that their intervention shall and has always been very impactful.

SLDA Chairman's Meeting with Somaliland Community in Orebro Sweden

Similar to the outcome of an earlier engagement in the Swedish town of Orebro the SLDA chairman urged all to concert their efforts while working closely with his agency in order to maximize benefits of their nation-building support.

At the same time Government of Somaliland has extended appreciation to Forum SYD for its humanitarian and developmental interventions in the Country where it recently opened a field office.

The state thanks came during a meeting between the Somaliland Diaspora Agency chief Abdi Abdilahi Hirsi and senior representatives of Forum SYD in Stockholm where it concurred on enhancing closer cooperation.

Forum Syd is a politically and religiously unaffiliated development aid organisation with around 160 member organisations from Swedish civil society that work Together with human and civil rights, and facilitate popular participation around the globe. Forum Syd was founded in 1995 and is the largest civil society platform in Sweden.

mayor Karin Wanngård

Before winding up his visit in Sweden and proceeding to his next destination, Norway, the SLDA Boss is expected to meet and brief the mayor of Stockholm Karin Wanngård on issues related to Somaliland and the SLDA while pursuing avenues of closer cooperation with the largest Swedish municipality

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