Somaliland: Drought Induces Pastoralist to Abandon Way of Life


The condition of remaining livestock in Awdal region is so poor this year that nobody can trade lived animals or even sell milk or meat

Somalilandsun – In Somaliland’s Awdal region, traditional rains – known locally as Gu and Deyr – which should occur regularly through the year and serve to replenish water reserves and rejuvenate grazing pasture, have failed for several consecutive years.

In this backdrop thousands of herder families are struggling to survive As their animals starve to death especially in Awdal Region where carcases of emaciated livestock littering pastoralists camps reports Ashley Hamer in an Aljazeera piece titled Somaliland’s herders devastated by drought

carcases of emaciated livestock litter pastoralists camps in Somalilands Awdal regionIn the meantime Swaths of Somaliland, a fragile, internationally unrecognised nation-state in the Horn of Africa, have been racked by one of the harshest droughts in two decades which is destroying livelihoods and pushing families into destitution adds Ashley Hamer in another piece titled Somaliland: A parched earth