Somaliland: Supreme Court Ratifies 2021 Local Councils Election Results

Somaliland: Supreme Court Ratifies 2021 Local Councils Election Results
Somaliland local Councils elections 2021 results

Somalilandsun: The only three women elected in the 31st May polls are now recognized by law as councillors in Somaliland.
This legality comes after the Supreme court Certified in-Toto results of the local councils elections held in the country on31st May 2021.
As per constitutional dictates the joint parliamentary and local Councils elections results released by the National Elections commission-NEC., were submitted to by regional and district courts.
According to the highest court in the land, the elections results from 20 electoral districts (Local government) are valid.
This was revealed in a letter signed by the Chief Justice Adam Haji Ali Ahmed and addressed to the minstry of interior and
Copied for attention to
1 All region high courts
2 All district courts
3 The three political parties of UCID, Wadani and Kulmiye
4 National elections commission and
5 President the Republic of Somaliland
Those now endorsed as councillors in Somaliland are as per the list of winners compiled by district election returning officers .

Somaliland local Councils elections 2021 endorsed
Somaliland local Councils elections 2021 endorsed

During the elections the three political parties combined sponsored 552 candidates in 23 electoral districts where 246 seats were at stake.
With the supreme court having ratified the election of 204 councillors from 20 local councils , pending is from 3 districts as well as the parliamentary ones.

Somaliland: Women only Losers in Elections 2021 as Wadani Party Paints the Country Orange
Only three women elected as councillors in Somaliland elections 2021

The legal endorsement makes the winners officially recognised civic leaders in their specific electoral constituency, among them the only three women to hold elective office in Somaliland.
Of the over 700 candidates sponsored by Kulmiye, Wadani and UCID parties women were in the twenties of which only three were elected. Namely
1. Councillor Kin Ali- Kulmiye party-Hudun district council, Sool region
2. Councillor Hawa Salaah- Wadani party – Taleeh Disrict Council, Sool region and
3. Councillor Khadija Ahmed-Kulmiye party- Buhoodle district council, Toghdeer region

Women only losers in Somaliland elections 2021

In the parliamentary category in which 82 seats were at stake the battle ground was the six electoral regions , there were a combined three parties total of 249 candidates of 13 were women and non elected thus an all Male house representatives for the next five years

Somaliland local Councils elections 2021 endorsed
Final results Somaliland parliametary elections 2921

In contrast the outgoing legislature and local Councils there wad one-woman MP out of 82 members and 10 women councilors out of 323 .
Now that the local Councils elections results have been ratified the the incoming administrations are required by law to constitute within 30 days for official swearing-in

MP Baar Saeed is the only female legislator in the outgoing Somaliland parliment

The oath of office shall then pave way for the election of mayors and their deputies.
As per NEC the two opposition parties of Wadani and UCID won a majority in the councils courtesy of their combined number of elected councillors as well as parliamentarians
This success prompted the oppositionists to form a Coalition with the sole purpose of take control of local governments and parliament.

In the so far agreed power sharing the coalition deal apportioned Wadani party the post of house speaker with UCID deputizing .

Somaliland: Women only Losers in Elections 2021 as Wadani Party Paints the Country Orange
Abdirahman Irro of Wadani and Eng Feisal Ali Warabe in political power control coalition talks

A similar scenario was also effected for leadership of the Hargiesa municipality with UCID taking both mayor and deputy in Burao.
Unfortunately in the now all Male 82 members parliament Wadani won 31, UCID 21 and Kulmiye 30./Opposition parties take control of National legislature and local governments

The Supreme Court is the highest court under the Constitution of Somaliland. The Court holds the power of judicial review, the ability to invalidate a statute for violating a provision of the Constitution. it has ultimate and extensive appellate, original, and advisory jurisdictions on all courts (including the district court and regional court), involving issues of laws and may act on the verdicts rendered on the cases in context in which it enjoys jurisdiction. The court is headed by the Chief Justice who is a presidential appointee