Somaliland Sun introduces new commenting system



Dear reader,

The Somaliland Sun website keeps increasing in popularity, given the exponentially growing numbers of site visitors. Many visitors also leave valuable comments at the bottom of the articles.

However, it has come to our attention that some of these comments do not comply to our standards. It is especially the use of profanity and foul language that has forced us to decide on stricter moderation of comments.

From May 15 onwards, comments can only be posted by registered users. Registration is free and can be done by clicking here (or click ‘create account’ in the left column).


Registration goes as follows:

  • Sign up with a username and password
  • Login in with your username and password
  • Feel free to leave your comments
  • Once done, log out or close your internet browser


We do honour freedom of speech and welcome everyone’s view. However, foul language and profanity will not be accepted. Somaliland Sun reserves the right to delete comments that do no comply to this. We also reserve the right to disable users who persist in using unacceptable language.

Your feedback

In case you come across a comment that you believe should not be published, please feel free to click on ‘report to administrator’. We will review it and take action if needed. Also, please feel free to email us at with your ideas and feedback.