Somaliland: Feisal Warabe Parleys Mogadishu Administration


From left Eng Feisal, Ms Fozia Yusuf and President Hasan in Birmingham By: Yusuf M Hasan

BIRMINGHAM (Somalilandsun) – A questionably suspicious meeting has taken place between Eng. Feisal Ali Warabe and Somalia President Hasan Sh Mohamud.

The unprecedented meeting whose outcome or motive is yet to be made public took place at a function South Somalis hosted for their president and his team in Birmingham England.

Eng. Feisal Ali Warabe who is the chairperson of the opposition political party UCID was caught in camera sharing a drink with the Somali president and that country’s deputy premiere cum Foreign minister Ms Fozia Yusuf Haji Aden herself of Somaliland origin.

The Engineer, who is known to be a staunch Somaliland nationalist and a thorn in the flesh of Somalia administrations, seems to have made a big about-turn in his political convictions through this meeting that also puts in place legal hurdles for him back home.

The hurdles for Feisal shall emanate from constitution al tenets that stipulate that contact with Somalia officials is illegal unless sanctioned by the administration and parliament.

This situation puts the administration in a Pandora box considering that the engineer is leader of one of the two opposition political parties legalized in the country thus an untouchable.

On the other hand the administration has in the recent past embarked on stringent measures against Somalilanders who hold Unionism sympathies .

Earlier this year a Somalia member of parliament Jama Ahmed Mahmud was charged in a Hargeisa court of law after he was arrested in his aEng feisal with Fellow Somalilander and Foreign minister of Somalia Ms Fozia Yusufncestral town of Gabile.

King Rabi a prominent traditional leader is currently serving a two years sentence in Mandera maximum prison, having been convicted of association with the Mogadishu administration.

The big questions needing urgent answers are; what was Feisal discussing with the Somalia administrators? And what steps shall the Hargeisa administration take?

If nothing is done in relation to the Birmingham meeting then the Somalia Unionism Pandora box is wide open and no Somalilander should ever be termed a traitor for similar acts.

Meanwhile it is not yet clear if the move by Eng. Warabe is in relation to his recent call for a national meeting to discuss the state of the nation that received vehement objection from the administration and some politicians.